CUP begins ‘Operation Garbi’ to ‘analyze and rethink’ its strategy: ‘We want to be more and better’

CUP begins ‘Operation Garbi’ to ‘analyze and rethink’ its strategy: ‘We want to be more and better’

CUP begins ‘Operation Garbi’ to ‘analyze and rethink’ its strategy: ‘We want to be more and better’s

ACN Girona – The CUP is confident that its strategic debate launched through the “Procés de garbí” will “deeply analyze and rethink” the political proposal for the nomination. This is what the spokesman for the leadership group of the “Non Casadevall” initiative said in statements to the media during the first open national conference, the formation of which was held in the Palace of Fires of Girona within the framework of this operation, which included about 650 armed men and supporters. In fact, Casadevall indicated that this attendance figure It shows that “CUP is more vibrant than ever”. For anti-capitalists, these discussions should be used to think about how to become a “more useful tool” and achieve “more and better.”

The Committee of Union and Progress continues this cycle of strategic discussions after the last elections on July 23, when it lost its representation in the House of Representatives. In any case, according to Cooper, the “improveable” electoral results are not the only reason. Rather, they also want to confront the new political cycle after, in their opinion, “the processes that came to amend the 1978 system and open its doors.” “There is a crack in it that they blocked from above.”

Therefore, through these discussions, they want to think about how to become a “more useful tool” for achieving their political goals. “It is a starting point to be able to have a strong CUP again, with a clear strategic proposal and with the ability to organize as many people as possible. We want to be more and better,” summed up Maria Gordillo, also speaker of the movement group.

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According to Gordillo, the aim of the CUP was to propose a “complete modification” of the capitalist system and to establish itself as an alternative. To illustrate her vision, the speaker gave the example of the drought situation in Catalonia, before which she denounced that “the only proposals are to impose restrictions on water use and protect the vested interests of the tourism and corporate lobby.” “.

“Operation Garbi” as a response to repression

On the other hand, after the announcement that the National Court had allowed the mobile phone intervention of former CUP deputy David Fernández, spokesmen for the automobile group stated that the “Procés de Garbí” should also serve “to offer solutions to the growing repression.” “Infiltration, eavesdropping, illegal or in some cases radically illegal operations need a firm response, which is what we are trying to provide to the ‘Procés de Garbí’,” Casadevall stressed.

Congress Questions

This first open national conference discusses three topics. The first point is the role that the CUP should play in the institutional field, where the project that should be implemented is discussed in relation to the different institutions and the policy of alliances that should be maintained. In a second blog, the mobilization process from 2011 to 2019 is discussed, and the focus is on the referendum of 1 October 2017 and the subsequent mobilization on 3 October; The third axis deals with the organizational model that the Society of Union and Progress should have, and the connection between the party’s national structure and its militant tendency.

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“Operation Garby”

The so-called “Gharbi process” – a reference to the wind blowing “from the bottom to the left” – had its starting point in October, with a leadership group of seventeen hardliners elected to guide the debate in the coming months. . They were specifically responsible for determining a series of questions that the militants would have to answer during the day on Saturday.

Some conclusions will emerge from this first conference which will then be discussed in the various regional assemblies, and it is not unlikely that national meetings could be held on some specific issues to deal with this specific topic.

Finally, after collecting all contributions in these spaces, some organizational and strategic proposals will be prepared and a national council will be held to discuss and approve them if necessary. This gathering is expected to be held in June 2024.

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