What car does Amadeus own? Here’s a cool fireball

What car does Amadeus own?  Here’s a cool fireball

Amadeus is one of the most famous Italian motorists, but few know what car he usually drives on the streets of Belpais.

For several years now, there have been very few figures in the world of entertainment who have been able to obtain the celebrity and success that a conductor has been able to build for himself. Amadeus With his name, which is becoming increasingly popular thanks to San Remo Festivalbut few know what kind of car he drives.

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We have all now fully learned to know the well-known conductor who over the years has truly been an icon of the Belpaese small screen.

We remember him in a very interesting way when we think of the quizzes that were given on Rai 1, with his debuts that took place with “the legacy” as far as “chain reaction”.

In his case it can certainly be stated with absolute certainty that hard work always pays off in the end, in fact for several years now he has been running the Italian Music Festival in San Remo.

Since then, he has been widely regarded as a veritable icon in the world of entertainment, with everyone wanting to know more and more details and specifically the love and affections of this man who has now practically become a family.

So it’s good and interesting to know what kind of car is the best Amadeus With the conductor who always claimed that he likes to rest and relax as soon as he gets behind the wheel of his four-wheeled vehicle, the choice thus perfectly reflects the idea of ​​the beginning.

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In fact the car that the tenant has in his garage Amadeus it’s a Mercedes M-Classone of the most charming SUV ever made by the Stuttgart company with truly amazing features.

Amadeus and Mercedes M-Class: SUV dreams

It is not a very modern car, in fact someone might be surprised at such a choice by the driver, but we are talking about one of the most dominant cars that can be found in the box.

In fact, we notice how it reaches 478 cm in length, 191 cm in width and finally a height of 182 cm, with the tank that reaches an incredible 95 liters.

Obviously, this allows her to have extraordinary independence, with all this Mercedes that allows Even being able to travel 1,500km camel was a really impressive result

But of course one of the greatest flagships in the house Stuttgart It is the engine, in fact we notice how a 3000 cc V6With the power of her horses within her, she was able to reach the number 612.

cost to be SUV license plate Mercedes They are not very expensive, in fact starting at a starting price of 58,000 euros, but we do not know exactly which accessories the conductor decided to use.

Mercedes M-Class (AdobeStock)
Mercedes M-Class (AdobeStock)

option Mercedes So it continues to assert that it is well suited to the world of entertainment, with a Stuttgart home that has always been considered an absolute gem of technology and comfort. also Amadeus He couldn’t help but be enchanted Mercedes And who knows that in the future he may also not be able to choose a gearbox for a four-wheeled buggy.

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