Game Freak talks about the Switch game development problems – discussed

Game Freak talks about the Switch game development problems – discussed

Freak game, the authors of the Pokémon series, posted a blog page in which they talked about the vicissitudes of this saga. What is interesting is what was said about him pokemon sword and shield, the discussed Nintendo Switch exclusive, and its turbulent evolution.

With the Japanese translation of Nintendo Everything, we find out Shigeru Aomori (Exit) H Kazumasa Iwau (Planning Director) explained that concept development for the game began in 2016: the basic idea was the portable nature of the Switch, but with a “wider reach” than other consoles.

Opening scene from Pokémon Sword and Shield

Iwao notes that instructions a Young generation of developers It was the most important thing with Sword and Shield. He mentions the “lack of knowledge and experience” which then affected development, but believes that things went well in the end. Aomori reflects on how he got the same opportunity with Diamond and Pearl when he was 25 years old. Aomori also states that the clothing design for the game’s characters is inspired by the choices of the younger members of the game.

The developers then stated that “it may come as a surprise to learn that every Pokémon game is made in a completely different way.” This is a statement that, we are sure, will amaze part of the players of the series, who consider Pokémon to be very conservative.

The next chapter of the saga will certainly be done in a completely different way, as it will be a kind of open world (but divided into zones). We’re obviously talking about Pokèmon Arceus Legends, which we recently saw a trailer for.

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