Ukraine and Putin: ‘We will supply Belarus with Iskander-M missiles’. Severodonetsk completely occupied by the Russians – the world

Ukraine and Putin: ‘We will supply Belarus with Iskander-M missiles’.  Severodonetsk completely occupied by the Russians – the world

Russia will supply Belarus with short-range Iskander-M missiles, which are among the newest in Moscow’s arsenal and also capable of carrying nuclear warheads. This was announced by President Vladimir Putin, according to Russian agencies, after a meeting in St. Petersburg with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko. Putin said that in the coming months we will send the Iskander-M tactical missile systems to Belarus, which can use both ballistic and cruise missiles, both conventional and nuclear versions. “Putin also proposed to Belarus to modernize its factories in Russia. Sukhoi SU – 25 combat aircraft provided to the Armed Forces of Minsk.

Severodonetsk in the hands of the Russians

The Mayor of Severdonetsk, Oleksandr Stryuk, announced that a The Russians have “total control” of the city. The mayor spoke on Ukrainian television, while pro-Moscow separatists confirmed that they had also occupied an Azot chemical plant, where the last Ukrainian soldiers remained. And that more than 800 civilians hiding inside were “evacuated”.

The withdrawal from Severodonetsk was “tactical and orderly, and our command decided to regroup in new positions.” This was stated by the head of the Ukrainian Military Intelligence Kirillo Budanov in an interview with ITV News. emphasizing that Ukraine will return to its borders in 1991. There will be no other scenarios and we are not considering other scenarios. By the end of the year, active battles will be reduced to almost zero. And we will regain our control over our lands in the near future.” He added: “From August onwards there will be events that will show the world that change is beginning to happen.”Some missiles were launched from Belarus In the direction of the Chernihiv border region. This was announced by the Ukrainian army.

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In the evening the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky He said that the armed forces of his country would recover all the cities occupied by Russian forces or part of the territory of the self-proclaimed breakaway republics of Donbas, including Severodonetsk. “all our citiesZelensky, in his usual evening speech, said that Severodonetsk, Donetsk and Lugansk, we will return them all. spiritual point of view. emotional” and that it is not possible to predict “how long it will last, how many strikes, losses and efforts will be required before we see victory on the horizon.” So Zelensky returned to the question of Western countries to supply more weapons, in particular air defense systems.

Ukraine, the devastation after the bombing of Bakhmut

Russia announced that it did Killed “up to 80” Polish fighters During an air raid in eastern Ukraine. “Up to 80 Polish mercenaries, 20 armored fighting vehicles and eight Grad rocket launchers were destroyed in attacks with high-precision weapons on the Megatex plant (battery factory, ed.) in Konstantinovka,” Donetsk region (east), Russia. The Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

Ukraine, the devastation after the bombing in the Kharkiv region

The Clashes between Russians and Ukrainians in Lugansk. Pro-Moscow separatists declared that there was “street fighting” in Lysechhansk. The Russians consider the sister city of Severodonetsk on the opposite bank of the Donets River a strategic target for their conquest of the entire region.

“48 Russian cruise missiles. At night. All over Ukraine. Exclusively on civilian targets… Russia is still trying to intimidate Ukraine, create panic and make people fear Z monsters… Ukraine knows everything and is ready for anything. It will punish for all evils. …” Mikhailo Podolyak, adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, writes on Twitter.

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The The number of children killed in Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion has risen to 339: This was announced by the country’s attorney general’s office. At least 611 minors were injured, this was announced by the country’s Prosecutor’s Office, according to reports from Urkinform.

Some 34,700 Russian soldiers have been killed in Ukraine since the invasion began, according to the Kyiv army. In its update of Moscow’s losses so far, the Ukrainian military notes that 217 fighters, 184 helicopters, and 626 drones have also been shot down. In addition, Kyiv forces claim to have destroyed 1,511 Russian tanks, 764 artillery pieces, 3,645 troop transport armored vehicles and 14 ships.

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