June 5, 2023

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Men and women, new love for Riccardo Guarnieri? This is who it will be

The knight of the police throne was above the men and women, many times photographed in the company of the same woman.

The most famous Apulian knight on the throne men and womenShe will have a new love. To launch the scoop, the influencer Amedeo Fenza Reached by some reports from his followers.

Men and women, new love for Riccardo Guarnieri? This is who it will be

Ricardo was a photographer with a beautiful young brunette girl Around the streets of Bari, hometown Guarnieri. Other users reported that the girl was also always in Naples with him Ricardo:

Do you remember Ricardo’s report on a girl from Barry? I pointed out that the girl who was with him a few weeks ago published these stories on vacation in Naples and in the photo with them he looks like Ricciardo. We are waiting for confirmation or rejection.

Of course there is still no official status for a new acquaintance or virtual relationship of the Bolian Knight, the ex-boyfriend of Ida Platano. With the latter, as is well known, things sped up after an expected meeting between them during the latest edition of .’s dating show men and women. IdaWhile confessing his true feelings, he found a wall in front of him and according to the latest news, it was now a cold war between the two, to the point that they were both banned on their social networks. at recent days plane treewho was also targeted by the haters, wrote:

“The only person I have to apologize to is just me. Because I don’t love myself as I deserve, because I don’t often put myself as a priority,”

message, that Ida, Which is clearly targeting her ex-boyfriend.

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