Law on Assistance to Ukrainian Citizens and the Creation of the Refugee Education Council – press conference with the participation of the administration of the Ministry of Education and Science

Law on Assistance to Ukrainian Citizens and the Creation of the Refugee Education Council – press conference with the participation of the administration of the Ministry of Education and Science

Minister Przemyslaw Czarnik presented solutions related to education, higher education and science that were adopted by the Cabinet in the Law on Assistance to Ukrainian Citizens, or the so-called Special Law. The head of MEiN indicated that the best form of integrating Ukrainian children into the Polish education system is the creation of preparatory departments.

Having Ukrainian children who do not speak Polish attend classes with Polish children can put extra pressure on them. Let’s spare them this pressure, said Minister Przemyslav Ksarnik, Ukrainian children already have enough. The greatest benefit for these children will be to organize education for them in their own environment, among themselves. Then the preparatory units were created. The Minister of Education and Science indicated that these departments will teach the Polish language and prepare for the next stages of education.

The head of Main stressed that such a solution would prepare the children for two options: stay in Poland or return to Ukraine. At the same time, he pointed out that preparatory departments can operate outside schools and use infrastructure that is not intended for educational purposes. He cited the Education Development Center as an example. A preparatory department will be opened at the ORE Training Center in Sulejówek, where education will be provided to children from Ukraine.

– For Ukrainian children, we are creating the least invasive system for ensuring educational assistance – added the Minister of Education and Science.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Middle East and North Africa, Dariush Piontkovsky, also referred to the issue of setting up preparatory units: – We are aware that it will be difficult to find several thousand teachers who speak Ukrainian. Therefore, the preparatory departments will teach mainly Polish teachers in specific subjects, including teachers of the Polish language. Preparatory classes are also a place for Ukrainian teachers who know at least some Polish. Deputy Minister Dariusz Piontkovsky noted that they will help Ukrainian students understand the content provided by Polish teachers.

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Deputy Minister Włodzimierz Bernacki presented issues related to science and higher education included in private law. He stressed that the proposed solutions allow Ukrainian students to continue their studies in Poland and that the teaching and research staff are working in Polish universities and research institutes.

– Ukrainian students and citizens residing in Poland are entitled to benefits and benefits similar to the social benefits of Polish students, that is, in connection with scholarships or access to housing – said Deputy Minister Włodzimierz Bernacki. – The private law provides for the possibility of appointing non-competitive faculty members or researchers working in research and educational institutions of Ukraine. The deputy minister added that they will be able to work here in Poland.

The State Secretary of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Włodzimierz Bernacki, said that the National Science Center and the National Agency for Academic Exchange have also prepared appropriate programmes. The projects are related to funding for teacher recruitment and search, as well as support for Ukrainian students.

The head of MEiN has repeatedly stressed that all assistance activities should not disrupt the educational process in Polish schools. – Our priority task is to ensure that children in Polish schools despite the humanitarian crisis, despite the war in Ukraine, despite the fact that we have already accepted 1,300,000. He noted that refugees can continue their education without interruption, prepare for exams and be promoted to the next grade or final exams.

During the conference, Minister of Education and Science Przemyslav Kzarnik also announced the appointment of the Refugee Education Council. Council members will analyze the situation regarding the flow of refugees from Ukraine to Poland on an ongoing basis in the context of education, science and higher education.

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