Italian augmented reality lands in the US «LMF Lamiafinanza

Italian augmented reality lands in the US «LMF Lamiafinanza

The new Kiber K3S, a wearable, remote-assisted collaboration system that allows field operators, anywhere in the world, to connect and interconnect with their company through integration will debut in Houston, Texas on May 2 From physical, virtual and augmented reality (via Reality).

Kiber K3S is a light and intuitive tool, intended for construction, maintenance, testing, inspection and training activities in industrial contexts, such as power plants, offshore platforms, shipyards and, in general, in high-risk areas or for simplifying logistical needs. The system allows a single operator to interact with multiple remotely connected parties, sharing technical tools and Android applications in a hybrid physical environment, thus without the need for all the people involved in the intervention to move to the operational headquarters.

The Kiber K3S is based on an integrated hardware/software-assisted collaboration system (AR/XR K3 Web), which allows the field operator to access, hands-free, the most popular video conferencing applications, such as Microsoft Teams, and share private activity with remote experts, who are able to Seeing the intervention environment live, they interact with it through augmented reality, and provide indications by sharing data, measurements, images and any necessary information. Moreover, the player can access all the Android smartphone apps and content directly through the powerful displays of the K3S system.

VRMedia was invited to present the Kiber K3S at the Marine Technology Conference in Houston, Texas (USA), the premier global forum for technological innovations in sectors related to power generation.

“The United States and the energy world are among the key markets for Kiber K3S technology, and we are very pleased to be able to introduce the new features and integration of the system in Texas, which was developed in response to feedback gathered between our customers and partners, to respond For an ever-evolving market.

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Among the new features of the Kiber K3S are a more powerful processor, the ability to link with your Android smartphone and access and reproduce any document or application on the phone, including access to the company’s ERP systems, operational efficiency of the largest field operators and problem-solving faster, thanks to the ability to harness the full power of 5G networks.

After Houston, Kiber K3S helmets will be presented to the utility world at the Utilities World Congress in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Kiber K3S was created by VRMedia, a deep tech company founded in 2002 as a division of Scuola Superiore S. Anna of Pisa and specializing in augmented reality technologies for businesses. The company has a team of 30 collaborators and has received 6 million euros in funding from two investment funds, Vertis Venture 3 Technology Transfer and Rif-Fondo per la Ricerca e Innovazione.

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