We talk about it at Villa Bertelli with Professor Menichetti

We talk about it at Villa Bertelli with Professor Menichetti

The triumph of science over Covid-19 will be the theme of the meeting “Defeating the Pandemic: Back to the Future”, which will feature as guest Professor Francesco Menichetti, Head of the Italian Antimicrobial Stewardship Group Gisa, former Professor of Infectious Diseases at Unipi and Director of Uoc Infectious Diseases Aoup. The appointment is next Friday at 5 pm in the winter garden of Villa Bertelli in Forte dei Marmi: journalist Federico Conte will give an interview to Noitv. A meeting during which the path taken so far will be examined and data and indicators will be presented about the spread of the infection, which – according to clear recent evidence – appears to be clearly recovering with the resumption of the vaccination campaign for the groups most at risk.

“Infections are increasing – explains Professor Menichetti – hospitalizations are increasing, and to a lesser extent also serious cases treated in intensive care; deaths are still in large numbers (about 300 per month, 10 per day).” Can we consider Covid-19 truly defeated? Is “our return to the future free of unknowns and risks?” There will be many topics to be addressed at the meeting, the first of which is the question of what awaits us tomorrow and the day after tomorrow regarding Covid which, based on the arguments presented by Professor Menichetti, “will see a continuous circulation of the virus with a slight decline” but with troublesome respiratory forms, high morbidity rates but Also a few dangerous and deadly forms.” The epidemic is thus under control, even as the virus remains among us and is constantly changing. A meeting where we can get useful tips for the coming winter. Free entry. Booking 0584787251

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