Investigation into Juventus player Nicolo Fagioli: “He bet on illegal platforms.”

Investigation into Juventus player Nicolo Fagioli: “He bet on illegal platforms.”

There is an investigation into Juventus footballer Nicolo Fagioli. The Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office opened a case against the midfielder on charges of betting on illegal platforms. Prosecutor Manuela Piedrotta informed the Italian Federation of everything. Now the player risks exclusion. 43 matches and 3 goals between this season and last season, Fagioli’s market value according to the site Transfermarkt Equivalent to 35 million euros. After the derby win over Torino, the player wrote only one word on his Instagram stories: “Resistance.” That is, an individual’s ability to confront and overcome a painful event or period of difficulty. From a sporting point of view, Fagioli risks a €25,000 fine or disqualification. With abusive bets, you risk up to 3 years in prison if you organize them.


Nicolo Fagioli talks about the investigation into the Juventus player today printing. The newspaper explains that investigators from the Turin Aviation Squad investigated the access operations, data and reference transactions. It also ends up identifying users. Faggioli was registered as a suspect along with other alleged bookmakers. The crime is gambling on illegal platforms. In general, it ends with a gift or payment of a fine that negates the crime. But the federal system does Explicit reference For betting: For football players there is an obligation to report. But above all: every member is expressly prohibited from betting in any way for the sake of making a profit.

Article 24 of the Sports Justice Law

Article 24 of the Sports Justice Code allows persons of federal law, directors, members and members of companies belonging to the professional sector to place or accept bets, directly or indirectly, also from persons authorized to receive them, and whose aim is the results relating to official meetings organized within the Italian Federation. Football, FIFA and UEFA. Illegal betting takes place, for example, on sites not licensed by the AAMS, when it is carried out clandestinely and when users are encouraged to bet electronically without obtaining authorization to do so. According to Article 720 of the Penal Code Anyone involved in gambling risks imprisonment for up to six months and a fine of € 516. Penalties have increased for those who bet large amounts.

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Cards on Fagioli

The Italian Federation has known everything since August 30th. The report was sent by the player’s lawyer. The Sports Prosecutor’s Office of Giuseppe Cheni opened an investigation. With the aim of checking whether violations of sporting regulations can also be found in the investigation. The expected penalty is ban or exclusion for up to 3 years. In addition to a fine starting from 25 thousand euros.

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