We say goodbye to the Taradale Tent Organization which we hope will continue

We say goodbye to the Taradale Tent Organization which we hope will continue

Taradell.com and the entire group of volunteers who organize the Plaça de les Eres Marquee during the Taradell Festival since 2015, take a step to the side. Hence we announce Of his own free will and after contemplating it, We have decided to stop organizing itwe realize that one day we had to fold.

We just want to make it public with the satisfaction of having organized a festive event that, thanks to great participation, has become a Tarradell classic. Recognizing the success of the awning, we submitted it to Taradale City Council a few months ago. Although we have established the Marquee, we believe that if any other entity wants to organize a similar event on that day, we must inform them in a timely manner to Taradell Town Hall. Surely, for all we know, there will be relief.

Beyond that, we leave feeling satisfied that we have “born” a party that is truly Tarradale’s heritage. It's been almost ten years (although we've managed to organize seven parties) since we came up with the idea and thought a main taradelle party needed a 'canvas'. At the end of 2014 we went to propose the initiative to Mayor Luis Verdaguer and Vistes Councilor, Joan Casasas. We witnessed Maricel's “remember” concerts and heard that in the past Envelat de festa Major was a very popular place in Tarradell. From there we thought we needed to do something to bring the main festival back to the city center with a grassroots spirit. For many years, most of the events we witnessed were held in Can Costa, formerly in Carpa, or in places further away from the center such as the Pavilion, Bugolo or Bugolo II.

For this reason, we asked for the opportunity to organize Canopy, as a pilot test, and to do so in Plaça de les Eres (in the city centre). As a show of good faith, we promised that if there was any money left over, we would donate it to a charitable project. It was successful. If we look at it in perspective, we think we didn't need to prove anything, because the city council already knew our mood and way of life. But it was another argument for them to let us organize it. We explained that we should have a festive event where young and old would like to spend some time in the afternoon or evening. It was clear to us that we had to bring cover music and, if possible, also performances for the little ones. People should be able to eat there, if they want to. In short, it was a meeting place during the main festival.

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The neighbors also worried us because we were not used to having an evening party in the center of Taradale. During the first years we distributed letters to all the residents of Plaça de les Eres introducing ourselves, explaining what we wanted to organize and asking for their understanding. We only asked to change the silence one day a year. The response from neighbors was very positive.

He said and did. We ventured into throwing a big party, without having any previous experience. Additionally, we pledged to the City Council to strengthen our demand to be as self-sufficient as possible. In other words, we didn't want support or anything more. From one point of view, we can say that we are very proud to organize 7 tents that bear all the organization expenses. Every year, we paid in full for the rental of the sets, the technical equipment of lights and sound, the bread and sausages (we were always clear that we had to buy everything from Tarradale), the tickets, the drinks, the posters, the technical logistics, etc., with Money created on Umbrella Day. At the City Council, we have only asked them to cooperate financially on things like renting lights, chemical toilets, an ambulance, and a couple of security personnel in the last two years… And as is logical, we have always coordinated, very well, with the City Council so you can expect All logistical needs.

We want to extend a special thank you to everyone who has made things easier for us over these years. To all the baking ovens in Tarradale, to all the butchers and butchers from whom we bought sausages, trying to take turns every year so they could all work (thank you to all of them for making it easier for us), to Tonis for leaving us the grills to cook the sausages, to the many companies, institutions and restaurants And to some anonymous people who cooperated with us in the raffle gifts, to the Civil Protection of Tarradale,… and also to the people of Taradale for their participation, essential to its success.

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And especially to relatives, friends and the whole (and scattered) gang who allowed themselves to be “deceived” by organizing Envelat. We do not mention names so as not to forget anyone. Without the human team that has been there at Inflat year after year, it would not have been possible. To all who sacrificed and worked hard so the rest of the Tradelines had a good time, thank you so much.

After 7 cycles (2 years of absence due to Covid-19 but where we thought and reconsidered until the last minute how to throw the party anyway but ended up scrapping it), we were able to pay all the expenses ourselves – adequately, plus a donation of 10,000 Euros for various charitable projects. For us it is a lot. For some, it may not be much, but they may not realize the costs involved in the organization when in a day you have to make money to cover it.

Now a new stage opens. As far as we know, a new entity will take over. Whether with the same format and/or with the name Envelat or with new features, the fact of the “birth” of this great holiday event allows us to express our desire to preserve the spirit of the popular festival between generations, with a return of solidarity and with self-management of expenses.

It was a huge effort, many headaches, struggling in the rain, last minute nerves, and physical and emotional exhaustion. We certainly could have continued, but it was clear to us that we had to stop one day or another. We believe that 2024 is the right time for this. One thing is clear to us and remains. Satisfaction with the good work and passion in the organization and thanks to Envelat itself for what it has done for us as well. For us, Envelat de la Plaça de les Eres will always be like our beloved son.

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