552 million euros and a market share of 3.5%

552 million euros and a market share of 3.5%


Supermarket chain claims its 'new model' and workers' pay conditions: 'We are the ones who pay the best'

Gemma Fonseca
04/17/2024 13.23 h.

Almond origin Press accelerator with annual sales of 552 million euros, a market share of 3.5%, 11 new stores and 12 renovations of establishments throughout the country. The department store chain presented its 2023 results for its most popular department store, Ametller Origen Mercat d'Autors, On Carrer Numància 47 in Barcelona, ​​near Sants station. Amid numbers, new projects, and future plans, Amitler Origen’s CEO confirmed, Joseph AmitlerThe company claimed to have increased wages for its workers by 20% over the past three years and a commitment to family reconciliation: “We are the ones who pay best.”

The department store chain is showing increasing numbers, such as a 22% increase in sales volume and market share, which in just one year rose from 2.9% to 3.5%. And the brand's signature slogan that Ametller always takes advantage of: Fresh product. “This is where we make the difference,” the manager points out when asked Via company. He exemplifies this by opening a store in Castelldefels – with intense competition from the many supermarkets around – which, thanks to the fresh produce, “drove purchases in the area”.

Ametller (CEO Ametller Origen): “We are the ones who drive the best in the distribution chain”

Currently, Ametller Origen has 138 stores mainly located in the Barcelona metropolitan area, although it has first ventured with new establishments in Lleida, Puigcerdà, Palafrugell and Vielha. In addition, they do not want to classify their customers as “with medium to high purchasing power” and prefer to define it as “fresh produce lovers.” Management admits that it typically opens 10-11 stores a year and is committed to constant innovation and redesign. In fact, they have accelerated their growth rate with an investment of 160 million euros In the last ten years. During 2023, the chain invested a total of $34.4 million.

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3,800 employees and the new commitment to young people and the elderly

Ametller Origen worker on the dairy line | ACN

The company hired 11% more workers in 2023 and now there are total 3800 employees. One of the most notable changes in labor matters is a 20% salary increase as well as reconciliation measures: “90% of Ametller Origen workers have two consecutive days off and this is difficult to implement in the distribution chain,” notes Ametller. . A move that means more staff hiring and a new reorganization that is “more complex than we think.”

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More details about X-rays of the mold. 98% of workers have indefinite contracts and there is “full commitment” to internal promotion. Amitler explains that they want to hire more young profiles and students with flexible and compact contracts. They also want to support top talent – starting at the age of 50 – and for many to “retire” from supermarkets, as happened with a plan started ten years ago. Curious about the company: They offer all employees free private medical assistance that also includes dental coverage.

The success of fresh produce and ready-made dishes

A customer buys fresh produce from Ametller Origen | ACN

In the last five years, Ametller Origen has doubled its turnover and has a very important weight in fresh products with a share of 7.7% – 14% in fruits and 11% in vegetables, which represents its largest share. Solid work– And 9.4% of ready-made dishes. The group offers more than 50 varieties of various dishes, with healthy options.

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Ametller Origen works with more than 350 farming families and agricultural cooperatives

In addition, the company claims that throughout its 23-year history, it has advocated strong relationships with local producers. In fact, almost all suppliers are of national origin. “We work with local farmers and small producers, to create synergies.” Specifically, they work with more than 350 farming families and agricultural cooperatives. In addition, the director admitted that in the summer of 2024 he pledges to start future works Agropark In Gelida and St. Jorrens Dortons to finish the first phase in 2026.

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Among the most immediate future plans, they stress that they have no intention of expanding beyond Catalonia and want to bet on a “very complete” customer experience. Faced with the assessment of the new Catalan elections on May 12, the co-founder did not want to get wet and asked the incoming new government to “financially promote the investment of the company’s profits and the generation of wealth on a local scale for its distribution.”

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