January 31, 2023

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Covid in the United States, more than 94,000 infections daily (as in February) – External

Washington – in the United States is accelerating New wave of COVID-19 cases and I’m with them hospitalizationWhich experts expect will continue to grow in the coming weeks. It is a particular concern Leap in pediatric treatment , equal to 70% in one month. The Uses They now find themselves in a pandemic situation like this The last half of February: Every day they are diagnosed between 94-96000 new infections. 50% increase in one week, and four times more in the last 6 weeks. The number of hospital admissions due to complications increased by 18.7% in the past week and has doubled since last month. experts CDC, Centers for Disease Control and PreventionThe US Health Agency requested Local leaders should rethink the obligation to wear masks indoors.

In the past few hours, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCs) have in fact stressed that a third of Americans live in areas (particularly in the Northeast) where the risk of infection from Covid 19 has become so high that they should consider wearing a mask. In public, no matter what local leaders decide. Federal data shows that, Rochelle Wallinsky, director of the CDC, saidThe weekly average of hospitalizations (3000 people per day) grew by about 20% compared to the previous weekeven if the death rate remains low.

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