From the US Patriots to Kyiv, Biden towards the Declaration: What can change in a war

From the US Patriots to Kyiv, Biden towards the Declaration: What can change in a war

“You’ll know in a few minutes.” This is how the President of the United States responds Joe Biden to reporters who asked him if the United States intended to send systems Patriot to Ukraine. tenant from White House So he hinted that there will be an official announcement soon. So sending Patriots from Washington to Washington became more urgent Kyiv. Indeed, in recent months,Ukraine Requested again and again United State He sent this type of weapon to make the Ukrainian defense against air attacks more efficient He flies. The Patriot missile defense system is among the most effective against ballistic and cruise missiles, such as those used by Russia to bomb Ukrainian infrastructure. In the past few hours, several sources in the Biden administration, including the Secretary of Defense, have reported, Lloyd AustinThey explained that the transmission was in the final stage and only the green light was missing from President Joe Biden. Yesterday, December 15th, a Washington A warning about the hypothesis of US Patriot missiles in Kyiv: “If confirmed, we will see another provocative step by the Biden administration that may lead to unexpected consequences: Washington’s strategy causes enormous damage not only to Russian-American relations, but also creates more risks to global security.”

What are patriot missiles

Patriot missiles are surface-to-air missiles that have been in use since the United States in the early 1990s to counter missiles ScudRussian made during the first Gulf War. The missile system is capable of hitting aircraft, cruise missiles and short-range ballistic missiles. Over the years, it has been the manufacturer of the Patriot missile system Raytheon Technologies, progressively upgraded and redesigned missiles. This particular type of weapon is provided in batteries that include a command post, a generator, a radar sensor to detect incoming threats, and eight launchers, from which four missiles can be fired using It ranges between 40 and 160 kmDepending on the missile loaded on the battery. In fact, Patriots are generally designed to defend specific areas such as cities or highly sensitive and therefore strategic infrastructures. Since these are high-tech weapons, the cost of these weapons is very high. According to estimates, the price of one ammunition is approx $4 millionwhile the batteries are assigned to the missile launchers $10 million. Currently, according to the latest information, the United States has 16 battalions Patriot. However, neither the US Army nor the US Army can put these missile systems into action Boy Starting from the Ukrainian lands. That is why, in addition to sending missiles, Ukrainian special forces must be trained to be able to use them. In fact, managing a single Patriot battery requires use 90 soldiers specialized. Moreover, their training cannot take place on Ukrainian soil. Since these are high-precision systems, Patriots are not able to guarantee the defense of large areas, such as an entire city like Kyiv.

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