“We can't look away”

“The genocide in Gaza is the most extreme stage in a long process of attempted colonization and settlement Eliminate the Palestinians“.Sentence from Francesca Albanese, United Nations Rapporteur on the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

He said this when he presented before the Human Rights Council in Geneva his report “An Anatomy of Genocide,” in which he specifically accuses Israel of committing genocide in Gaza. And the international community to allow this.

“It is my official duty to report on this The worst thing humanity can do“, the Italian lawyer began, before listing the “reasonable reasons” to reach her conclusion and highlighting numbers such as more than 32 thousand dead in the Strip since the beginning of the war, almost half of whom are children.

“The horrific death toll, the irreparable damage to those who survived, the systematic destruction of everything necessary to sustain life in Gaza. From hospitals to schools, from homes to arable land, and the particular damage to the population. Hundreds of thousands of childrenHe added, “Violations targeting pregnant mothers and young people can only be interpreted as prima facie evidence of the intent to systematically destroy Palestinians as a group.”

The day after the UN Security Council approved the first resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire, Albanese added: “I call on member states to fulfill their obligations, which begin with Imposing an arms embargo and sanctions on Israel“.

He continued: “Inexplicably, instead of trying to prevent this, a minority of powerful UN member states provided military, economic and political assistance to these atrocities.” “When genocidal intentions are as clear and ostentatious as in Gaza, We can't look awayHe stressed that we must confront it, avoid it and punish it.

Francesca Albanese, for L
Francesca Albanese is the United Nations Special Rapporteur for the occupied Palestinian territories

Israel rejects the report's findings

The Israeli diplomatic mission in Geneva, as did the United States, left its diplomatic mission Empty chairs. They believe the use of the word “genocide” is “outrageous” and say the war is against the Islamist movement Hamas, not against Palestinian civilians.

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“Instead of searching for the truth, this Special Rapporteur attempts to reconcile weak arguments with her own arguments Distorted version They said it was “obscene of reality”.

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