BORGO D’ALE – competition of ideas “Tullio Regge, his science, his world” for children and students

mayor Pierre Mauro Andorno Addresses citizens about the “Tullio Regge” Ideas Contest.

Dear children and youth of Burgodalese and good families,

As we have already announced, the administration has decided to name a new urban space (under construction) located at the intersection between Via Cavour and Via Marconi, to our fellow citizen Tullio Reggae, an outstanding scientist (physicist, mathematician, world-renowned academic).

As tangible and lasting evidence of honoring and remembering a person of undoubted value, it was decided to sketch the fresco urban space dedicated to his memory, inspired by the sketch made by school-age children/teens at Borgo D’Ale.

A competition is held for this – With awards – governed by the provisions in the attached label, which are also reported in a specific letter from the administration.

In order to avoid unnecessary bureaucratic burdens, we are invited more and more, and thus to realize the “idea” in a timely and simplified manner, the “competition” (very simple) is administered directly by the municipality, in addition to the disclosure / letters of invitation / organization have already been delivered directly by hand, By our municipal police, to the homes of all Burgodalese children (aged 6-19) who will be able to join the initiative.

Deadline for submission of drawings (hand-drawn, max size A/3), on the theme “Tulio Reggae, his flag, his world”, created in February 28, 2022.

In connection with the competition, various posters were hung throughout the city, including at the entrance to elementary and middle schools.

We believed that everything should be done in a very simple way, in keeping with the “great simplicity” that has always distinguished it. Tullio Reggae, although he was a scholar of extraordinary stature.

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The mayor with the municipal administration is available for any clarification,

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