“We are not afraid of mathematics”: at the Raffarino exhibition dedicated to numerology – Solpanaro

“We are not afraid of mathematics”: at the Raffarino exhibition dedicated to numerology – Solpanaro

Raffarino – numbers, calculations, equations, problems … the word mathematics It evokes in many people a mixture of fear and loathing, a possible inheritance of a national school tradition that has historically marked the humanities. However, the main results achieved by mankind are due precisely to knowledge and mastery of numbers, without which there is no physics, engineering, economics and computer science. But also music has a very close connection with mathematics, which not only allows us to better understand the world, nature and the universe, but also allows us to play and have fun.

to enhance knowledge queen of sciencesAnd the From March 5 to 27, the tenth edition of “We are not afraid of mathematics” was held in Raffarino: A cultural review that aims, through media moments, theater conferences, workshops, and educational activities for schools, to advance knowledge of mathematics and bring the discipline of numbers closer to the broader, non-specialist audience. Thus, simple citizens, students, teachers and enthusiasts will be able to experience an unusual and interesting approach to mathematics, made possible by speakers who combine great scientific competence with excellent communication skills.

The revision is promoted by the Municipality of Raffarino under the auspices of the Emilia-Romagna Region, Province of Modena and the Regional School Office, and is organized in cooperation with the Comprehensive Institute IC2 Raffarino and Sintab. Moreover, the 10-year edition is also made possible thanks to the contribution of the MUR-Ministry of University and Research. Appointments will be held in the presence of the Municipal Theater of Raffarino (Piazza Martiri della Liberta) and in the cultural center “Sibella Aleramo”: All “Don’t Fear Math” review meetings will have free entry Also subject to availability It will also be possible to attend by remote connection thanks to the live broadcast. For information and reservations: www.nontemiamolamatematica.it

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From viruses to the weather, from Dantes to women scientists: mathematics is best explained in theatre

The first appointment for the review is scheduled for Saturday, March 5 at 9 pm: a. Roberto BattistonAnd the Teacher Experimental Physics at the University of Trento holds a lecture-conference titled The mathematics of viruses. By studying the numbers, the dynamics of the spread of epidemics that have characterized human life – since the dawn of history – will be clarified: a game whose outcome depends on the opposing strategies of attack and defense, in a relatively simple but horrific way. crucial rules. Understanding these rules makes all the difference possible.

Busy day, scheduled Monday 14th March: Mathematics Day is celebrated all over the world on this date, also known as Pi Greco Day, And Raffarino certainly can’t be outdone. It starts at 4:30 p.m. at S. Al-Aramo” with a meeting open to the public entitled “ Sundials and Sundials Curated by Roberto Pizzi, to continue at 6 pm at the Municipal Theater with a conversation with Elena Rinaldi, author of the book “Suppose we are mathematicians” (Introduces Cavani.) 20:30: Meteorologist and environmental promoter Luca Lombroso (Called from the weather station of the Karen Morgensen Reserve in Costa Rica) will deal with the topic of climate change and extreme weather events that are now clearly becoming increasingly frequent phenomena in our daily lives. the professor. With big data and time series analysis, Lombroso will help us understand the challenges that lie ahead and what can be done locally to effectively address them. The appointment will also be valid as a training seminar for members of the Syndicate of Journalists: it will be presented by Moreno Gisti (Deputy Mayor of Raffarino and independent journalist) and a speech by Francesco Dondi (Gazzetta di Modena journalist) will be given due “Communicating Climate Change: How to distinguish science from fake news”.

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Friday, March 18th at 9 pm it will be a turn the professor. Bergiorgio Odfredi: Famous mathematician, logician, and essayist He will give a public lecture entitled “Women’s Genius”, in which an interesting path around the feminine sciences will be traced over two millennia of history. From Hypatia of Alexandria (mathematician, astronomer and philosopher from ancient Greece) to Rita Levi-Montalcini, and from Marie Curie to the Chinese pharmacist Tu Youyou (Nobel Prize in Medicine, discoverer of a cure for malaria), Prof. Odifreddi will virtually display some exceptional representatives of female genius on the stage of the Ravenna Theatre. With masculine admiration, his life paths, his difficulties, strokes of genius, absolute dedication and freedom of thought will be reconstructed.

The review will continue after that Saturday, March 26th at 5:30 pm with a general conference the professor. Bruno Demore, Lecturer at the Alma Mater of Bologna and the University of Bogota, World-renowned researcher As well as a recognized authority in the field of mathematics education. the professor. Demore will talk about “Mathematics puzzles small and big”, On an organized date as a natural result and conclusion Fourth National Conference on Mathematics Education During the day, experts from all over Italy will participate to discuss and give life to an important teacher training course.

And at the conclusion of the tenth edition of the review “Don’t Be Afraid of Mathematics” will be held Sunday March 27 at 5:30 pm Conference lecture Dante and Modern Science, by Professor. Antonio ZucoliProfessor of Physics at the University of Bologna and President of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics. The Divine Comedy is a fundamental work of human culture, but it also contains extensive contents of an encyclopedic nature and is rich in ideas and references for the scientific world: from the structure of the universe to the laws of optics, from spots of the moon to squaring the circle, Professor. Zoccoli will accompany us to discover some passages of the poem where the connection between poetry and science is most evident.

“With this exhibition, which has now become a fixture in our community, we intend to create a connection between the world of scientific culture and the wider public.” Moresia RebicchiMayor of Raffarino. “The initiative, he continues, is not only aimed at adults or enthusiasts of the subject, but also includes the world of training and education by organizing dates of high academic value in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. We are confident that this year’s event, as in previous editions, will register a huge turnout from the public. We are sure that all the proposals presented are of a high level of quality.”

Investigation of the 10th edition of the “We Don’t Fear Mathematics” review sees contribution: Assicoop-UnipolSai; Agora Winery Association “Marchesi di Ravarino”; Serfwood Grandma Reserves. Osteria “Il Grano di Pepe”; Synergas.

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