“We are growing, and now we need a crowded arena.” El Tirreno

“We are growing, and now we need a crowded arena.” El Tirreno

Satisfied with a hint of bitterness in his mouth at his inability to snatch victory with his children. Alberto Aquilani begins his analysis from the positive aspects after Pisa’s draw against Reggiana.

“We should be happy because there was an intense performance from everyone. With more quality we could have got the three points and I’m convinced things can get even better. I’ve seen some important progress. Maybe we deserved something more. We must continue like this – the Nerazzurri coach continues – because in this tournament, if you cannot win, you must not lose. The arena performed very well. He did not give up after the mistakes he made in the first half, and he was more courageous in the second half.”

Aquilani then goes on to comment on the individual performances: “Regiana came to pick us up in the half and that made it easier for us to play with the ball. We play every three days and I have a great squad, and I am happy and proud of the performance of Barberis, Goreskin and Piccinini. Barberis is a smart guy. We have to hold on to him, because he can give us a lot. I replaced Marin because I saw him getting nervous after the warning. Are you worth it? Adductor muscle pain, I rested it for Saturday. “Hermansson was an option, he was good, but he only went to the stands because I have a team that forces me to make choices.”

The Pisa coach continues: “I was planning to give minutes to Torregrossa, but there was no margin to do so. The defensive performance was good, and we must continue like this. Without the ball we played very well. “Barbieri is committed and has excellent physical and moral qualities. He is hungry and must continue to work with humility.”

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Finally, an appeal to the people of the Nerazzurri regarding the match on Saturday, September 30, at 2 pm, against Cosenza: “It will be a very difficult match, but I expect that the crowded arena will lead us to victory.”

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