But fans focus on the details, and the comments are embarrassing

But fans focus on the details, and the comments are embarrassing

Katerina Balivoevery day, it is broadcast Opinion 1 With his TV show The right time. The presenter then reveals a lot of background information about the show in her profile Instagram Or post pictures of her clothes. And that’s what he did today, Tuesday, September 26, just a little bit a fan They focused on an unlikely detail: me foot. clearly, Catherine He did not respond to any of the comments.

Katerina Balivo (sweet) surprise in the dressing room at “La Volta Bona”: “Who can tell me what they are?”

Caterina Balivo: “My father wanted me to stay in Naples, so I was able to move to Rome.”

Katerina Balivo He posted a new one on his profile Instagram She wears a vintage pink jumpsuit and a pair of gold heels. Then the presenter completes the look with some accessories and a beautiful smile. This position was very successful, indeed, for him Followers They left her many likes and comments. Many have written: “I follow you every afternoon, I really like your show” or “Your shows give me so much positivity.”
However, someone has attracted attention a fan to Catherine. In fact, some users commented on the beauty of the broadcaster’s feet in terms that were embarrassing to say the least.

Katerina Balivo on social media

Katerina Balivo She is very active on her profiles social He likes to stay in touch with many people Followers. In fact, the presenter always reveals some additional details about today’s episode or explains how to prepare and when to be in the hair and makeup room.

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