Water tariffs, public transport and tolls: major price increases coming in 2024

Water tariffs, public transport and tolls: major price increases coming in 2024

Water tariffs, public transport and tolls: major price increases coming in 2024Maria Alladern

2023 will be remembered as the year when all eyes were on the world Fight inflation. Food has reached a ceiling, with price increases exceeding 10%, and Eurobors have reached record levels, reaching their highest rates since the 2008 crisis. Although it appears that the year is coming to an end with prices moderating and offering little relief, the 2024 It comes with some services that will be expensive. They stand out Taxis And the feesWhich will rise by about 3% starting next Monday. And the Public transportWhich increases the prices of the most used titles as of mid-January. Over the next year it will also increase Water price And gradually taxes to Electricity bill And the Gas. Despite these increases, Rodalis free membership is maintained throughout the year and for at least six months is a bonusValue added tax on food (There is no tax on basic products and 5% on basic products such as pasta and oils).

The water bill is getting more expensive

As of Monday,33.7% increase in tariff Average water, which will range from 0.74 to 0.99 euros per cubic meter. The Catalan Water Agency calculates that the increase will have The effect is one euro per personAlthough the final amount may vary depending on each municipality. The company justified the increase by not reviewing prices since 2017, the context of drought, high light prices and the cost overruns this causes in the use of desalination plants.

Gradual increase in VAT on light and electricity

During 2024, the VAT on light and electricity will also be gradually increased. Derived from the normalization of energy prices, the Spanish government chose the last cabinet of the year Withdraw gradually the Rewards.

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Thus, the special tax on electricity will be reduced during the first six months of the year, and will rise from July to 3.8%. In the same context, the tax on the value of electricity production, which is now suspended, will gradually regain its usual value. Regarding electricity, we must remember that the new regulated tariff (PVPC) will also come into force on Monday, which aims to reduce price “volatility” and make bills more stable, according to the Spanish government. As for gas, it will also rise to 10% from January 1 until March. After the winter, the normal rate will return to 21%.

Rents are limited to 3%.

On the other hand, the Spanish government maintains… Restrictions on raising rents In modernizing income, which this year will be 3% and not 2% as in 2023. The measure has been approved to avoid this, in Review contracts Which is updated withIPCA renter could see a home price increase of more than 6 or 10% when inflation rises significantly.

As for MortgagesThe month of December closed with the euro price below 4% for the first time in months, after the sharp rises it recorded throughout the year. This could mean savings for those with variable interest rate mortgages who have to carry out a semi-annual review. ASUFIN calculates a saving of around 19 months per month on a 100,000 EUR 25-year mortgage with Euríbor +1% which should be reviewed now.

The most common transportation tickets rise in price

After three years of freezing prices, prices became more expensive in January this year Public transportation tickets More common However, they will do so as of Monday 15. The Metropolita Transport Authority (ATM) will raise prices by 6.75% in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, while in the rest of the areas it will do so by 3%. .

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At Renfe, commuter and medium-distance passes remain free, as long as you make them Minimum 16 trips During the Quadrant. Avant tickets also continue to be 50% off. The running of these titles is the same throughout 2023.

Tolls in Generalitat are about 3% more expensive

the Four fees The federally run government will raise interest rates between 3.33% and 3.5% starting Monday. The most significant increase is the cost increase for the C-16 on the section between Sant Cugat, Terrassa and Manresa, the cost of which will increase by 3.5% (for example, the toll between Sant Cugat and Terrassa from Monday to Friday for a tourist will rise from the current 1.62 euros to 1.68 euros). The rest of the fees will rise by 3.33%, so that the price of crossing the Kadi Tunnel for tourists will rise from the current 13.48 euros to 13.92 euros. In contrast, Valfederra tunnels will be 14 cents more expensive during non-peak hours, at €4.48; And 16 cents more at rush hour, up to €5.04.

The new rates are determined by taking the annual change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for October, which was 3.5% in the state. The formula also takes into account the correction factor between actual traffic and that expected years ago. The increase, which will take place as of next Monday, is slightly lower than it was a year ago, when it rose between 6.5% and 7.3%.

Regarding toll fees, we must also remember that from next January 1, the reductions will also be extended to C-16 and C-32. On the C-16, the morning rush hour will be brought forward to 6.30 a.m. with non-holiday discounts, which apply to the Sant Vicenç de Castellet checkpoints in both directions. For the C-32, the compulsory commute discount has been increased to 75% on the section between Sitges and Vendrell with the aim of making the highway “more attractive” and reducing traffic on the C-31 (currently the reward is 70%).

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Regarding transportation, starting next Monday, a bonus Five cents per liter of fuel Which transport companies maintain – it must be said that fuel closed 2023 at its lowest annual levels and its price has been declining for weeks.

Pensions increased by 3.8%.

With the change of year, Retirees They will also see how Their salaries are rising. According to the revaluation linked to the consumer price index approved in the last Council of Ministers, pensions will rise by 3.8%. Therefore the average pension in Spain will rise About 52 euros per month A total of 734 euros for the whole year. The average pension for the entire system – which stands at 1,200 euros – will see an increase of about 46 euros per month, up to 638 euros per year.

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