MAIRE wins contract to build SAF plant in US

MAIRE wins contract to build SAF plant in US

(Telebursa) – MerDG Fuels Louisiana, a Euronext Milan group active in natural resource conversion, announced that its subsidiary NEXTCHEM (in turn through MyRechemical) has been selected by DG Fuels Louisiana to supply… Process design package for a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production plantcurrently under development in St. James Parish, Louisiana (USA).

The plant that should be Operational in 2028It will produce 350,000 tons per year of derived SAF Of agricultural waste and residues, we read in a note. MyRechemical has been selected as the technical licensee for gasification and gas processing units capable of processing 1,000,000 tons per year of sugarcane-derived waste and extraction waste resulting from its processing. This process represents the first step in SAF production.

“The award is great In recognition of our efforts in implementing and manufacturing waste-to-chemical solutions Developed by Nextchem – Alessandro Bernini, CEO From the MAIRE Group – Industry rewards our expertise and commitment to technologies that support decarbonisation. “Our selection for this strategic project confirms that our technology is well positioned in a competitive market like the US, where recycling plays a key role in achieving carbon footprint reduction goals.”

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