2024 will be the year of life

2024 will be the year of life

Last OctoberMediterranean Wave Association Send a public call to create a television platform life.

During these months the project was completed and some audiovisual content production tests were conducted.

In the coming weeks, the process will be consolidated, which, if it receives the necessary financial support, will lead to the creation of this audiovisual platform promoted by the same association that already has media such as Ona Mediterrània, dBalears, L'ESTEL, Ploma.cat

What will life be like?

VIDA is the new audiovisual project of the Ona Mediterrània association

VIDA will be an open, free, on-demand television and radio platform

VIDA will present the complete archive of Ona Mediterrània programs and podcasts

VIDA will carry out live programming and gradually add audio-visual products to its platform

VIDA will be the free TV for Mallorca, the Balearic Islands and the entire Catalan language field

VIDA will offer podcasts to listen to and watch

VIDA will digitize audio-visual archives for entities and individuals who wish to do so

VIDA will be the beating heart of Mallorca that loves culture, language, territory and environment and defends individual and collective rights.

VIDA will be a meeting place for people who love Mallorca and who love freedom

VIDA will start streaming in 2024. Support it. Together we create life!

How can you help create life?

For now, the best way to help make this project a reality Join Ona Mediterrània by completing this survey.

You can also join for €50 per year by writing to: [email protected].

Or by sending a WhatsApp message to the number: 677366312

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Another option is to donate to Caixa Colonya: ES45 2056 0009 7610 0108 9828.

Soon, other mechanisms will be activated to make this much-needed audiovisual project possible.

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