Warning of peak injuries and deaths

Warning of peak injuries and deaths

The Corona virus disease Resists even in heat and alarm indoors Germany and in Portugal for a boom infection And the dead because of new variable from the virus, and Omicron Ba5. All this withthe summer At the gates, whileItaly has begun to “brighten” in the latest color map update of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which is based on new cases of Corona virus disease registered in the last 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants and the positive rate among the tests carried out weighted by a rate of vaccination Of the population.

After a long time in dark red, the band is in greater danger, the tipping point starts from the north, where Daosta ValleyThe PiedmontThe Lombardyautonomous province Trento and the Friuli Venezia Giulia. Different regions of Europe also grade in tone, which remains in large part in the gray area, a hue that indicates an insufficient level of testing to stratify the risk of Covid.

Dark red resists, as well as other areas / pa in Italy, only PortugalAnd the Luxembourga few areas of Spain and a small area of GreeceWhile the orange color covers the whole Francepart of Spain Born in Belgiumalmost all of GreeceAnd the CyprusAll AustriaThe Slovenia and part of Croatiaand to the north a large part ofIreland And a very small area of Finland. except EstoniaAnd the Latvia and spaceIrelandwhich is shown in yellow, everything else is in grey, including parts of Spain. to me Denmark There is not “sufficient data available” for map purposes, as it was until last week for Germany Which today turns into a simple gray.

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Long Covid, heart attacks and heart disease. A study reveals: “They will increase.”

Are Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 more dangerous? The case of the fifth wave in South Africa is “different from its predecessors”.

Covid, a surge in infections in Germany and Portugal

The sudden rise in Covid cases and deaths in Portugal was determined by the Omicron Ba5 subvariable. And this new surge in infections and deaths, despite the warm temperatures, is making capitals across Europe think again about measures against the virus. And Portugal recorded, in fact, last Wednesday 26,848 new cases of Covid-19, and 47 deaths, the highest daily toll since February 17, when 51 deaths from the virus were reported. The trend curve of the virus in Portugal contrasts with the epidemic situation in neighboring France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain, where infection rates have fallen in the past two months.

Sixth wave of covid

According to data from the Portuguese Ministry of Health, 1,455 people died of Covid when it entered the country Sixth wave In April and May. “The death rate is higher than the expected values ​​for this time of year,” this is confirmed by the latest report from the Portuguese Ministry of Health, adding that there has been “an increase in certain deaths from the Covid virus”. And in the country, there are fears that the infection rate will continue to rise, and hospital admissions and intensive care departments will continue until the end of June.

Omicron Ba5 . variant

But what is the reason for this increase in the number of cases in Portugal? The Portuguese Ministry of Health is pointing the finger at the Omicron Ba5 variant, a mutation that is also on the increase in Germany. According to a weekly bulletin from Germany’s disease control agency, the Robert Koch Institute, the proportion of Omicron Ba5 cases has nearly doubled every week in the past month, from 0.2% of cases at the end of April to 5,2% by May 22.

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However, in Germany, it is the predominant variant Omicron Ba2, with a share of 96%. The total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Europe’s largest economy has steadily decreased since the end of March. On Thursday, Germany recorded 46,327 new cases, and 124 people died.

Germany, which fears a new increase in infections caused by Covid in the fall: Omicron variants Ba4 and Ba5 are highly contagious – German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach wrote on Twitter. This could determine the next wave in the fall.”

“The Corona Virus “It is not over, as evidenced by the severe Omicron epidemic in Portugal,” Frank Ulrich Montgomery, president of the World Medical Association, said in an interview with the Rheinische Post. And Germany is seeking cover: The leaders of Germany’s 16 states met last Thursday to discuss measures that could be taken to tackle a new peak in cases during the year.

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