“Ok Russia for the negotiations in Jerusalem” – Corriere.it

“Ok Russia for the negotiations in Jerusalem” – Corriere.it
to Lorenzo Cremonesi, Marco Amarisio, Andrea Nicastro, Marta Serafini, Elisa Messina, Silvia Morosi

The latest news on Sunday, March 13th. The war in Ukraine on the eighteenth day: the Russians are 25 kilometers from Kyiv. The West is also under attack: Lviv is struck, not far from Poland. A new phone call between Macron, Putin and Schulz

The war that Russia launched in Ukraine on the eighteenth day: Kyiv is besieged, Russian bombs fall on many citiesThe offensive is also advancing on the ground: Russian troops have occupied the areas around Mariupol. Lviv, located a few kilometers from Poland, is under attack.
• Video talks continue between Moscow and Kiev. Ukrainian President Zelensky found a completely different approach from the Kremlin. However, there is a glimmer that Olaf Schulz and Emmanuel Macron did not consider.

About 20,000 people attended the Cities with Ukraine event on Saturday in Piazza Santa Croce in Florence. In a video intervention, the Ukrainian president asked to remember the 79 children killed in the war.
• In the meantime, the flow of refugees continues into our country, as it has now reached 35,000, according to data released on Saturday by the Ministry of the Interior.

5.31 am – From our report, Marta Serafini: Explosions in Lviv and Kherson

LYUPOL – The city of Lviv was attacked by the Russians for hours. Several explosions were also heard in Kherson. Ukrainian media confirmed the raids in the area, but did not specify the location. According to sources confirmed by Ukrainian military sources, one of the targets was a military polygon in Yaroviev, a few kilometers from the border with Poland. Other witnesses pointed to more explosions towards the airport, and the mayor of Ivano Vrantišek also spoke on Twitter about the attack on the city where another airport is located. This comes after an air alert that started at 3.30 am and lasted more than three hours, the longest in Lviv since the war. Local military sources identified that eight missiles were fired at Lviv, and among the targets also hit the International Peacekeeping and Security Center, known as the Yavoriv Center polygon, 30 km northwest of Lviv. It is not yet clear how many people were killed, as determined by the army.

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5.25 a.m. – Moldova: Nearing maximum refugee intake

Moldova is nearing the limit of its capacity to accommodate Ukrainian refugees: it may soon have no more buildings to house them, or to keep them warm and safe. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Moldova, Nico Popescu, in an interview with the BBC. About 100,000 refugees arrived in Moldova, increasing the population by 4%. Popescu adds that a Russian attack on Ukrainian Odessa, which is located only 48 kilometers from Moldova, would lead to a massive influx of refugees and would be a complete disaster for the humanitarian situation.

4.52 a.m. – Stoltenberg warned: Russia could use chemical weapons

We must remain vigilant because it is possible that Russia could plan chemical weapons operations and that would be a war crime. This was stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, in an interview with the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag reported by Cncb.

4.46 – Biden: Putin was counting on a divided West, isn’t he

Putin has relied on a divided NATO, a divided West, and frankly a divided America. But he didn’t have any of this. US President Joe Biden writes it on Twitter.

3.49 a.m. – Kirshon rejects Russian independence referendum

Kherson remains a Ukrainian city and rejects a possible Russian referendum on independence. The content of the decision approved by the city regional council, in the face of the vote that the Russians would like to take to create a people’s republic similar to the one created in 2014 and 2015 in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. BBC reports. Zelensky noted that Russia aims to create pseudo-republics to divide the country.

3.31 am – Media in Kyiv: sirens sound in almost all provinces

Sirin rings in almost all provinces of Ukraine, signaling residents to immediately seek shelter. According to reports from the Kyiv Independent, the alert for airstrikes has been launched, among other regions, also in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Dnipro.

3.11 am – Minister of Qatar in Moscow from Lavrov and (maybe) from Putin

Qatar’s foreign minister is heading to Moscow, where he is expected to meet today with Sergey Lavrov and possibly Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was reported by Bloomberg, citing some sources who said that at the center of the conversation would be the agreement on Iranian nuclear energy and the invasion of Ukraine. Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani held talks in the past few hours with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabad Allahian.

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2.34 a.m. – Zelensky: More than 12,000 people evacuated on Saturday

The Russian invaders cannot defeat us. They have no strength and spirit. They rely only on violence, terrorism and weapons. This was stated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, stressing that the humanitarian corridors are working, as 12,729 people were evacuated on Saturday.

2.16 – Aiea, Chernobyl power plant working with generators

The Chernobyl nuclear power plant operates thanks to external diesel generators. This was stated by the International Atomic Energy Agency (Aiea), noting that 211 employees are unable to rotate and in fact have been living inside the facility since the Russian takeover. Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi reiterates his grave concern about the safety of nuclear power plants in Ukraine, and highlights the International Atomic Energy Agency.

1.58 – USA, eBay suspends all transactions to Russian addresses

All transactions with Russian addresses have been suspended by eBay. We are with Ukraine and we are taking measures to help residents, the BBC’s online auction and sale site told the BBC, announcing the suspension of Russian transactions and warning that those with Ukrainian addresses could face delays.

1.39 am – The Washington Post: The Russians hit 9 hospitals

Russian attacks have hit at least nine health facilities in Ukraine, including the Mariupol Hospital. What emerges from the Washington Post analysis. Jason Strazioso, spokesman for the International Committee of the Red Cross, recalls that hospitals and health facilities are protected by international humanitarian laws.

1.20am – UK, 420€ per month for families hosting refugees

The UK government has announced that it will give £350 a month, around €420, to British families who will be hosting Ukrainian refugees for at least six months. Local media reported it.

00.06 – Israeli media: Russia agrees to negotiations in Jerusalem
Russia is ready to hold new negotiations with Ukraine in Jerusalem: stated in Jerusalem Post Quoting a high-ranking diplomatic source.

00.04 – The Russians killed 7 fleeing civilians, and there was a child
Ukraine’s Military Intelligence announced that Russian forces shot a group of displaced women and children as they were leaving a village near Kyiv, killing seven people, one of them a child. During an attempt to evacuate from the village of Primoja, along a “green” corridor agreed with the Russians, the residents opened fire on a column of civilians, composed only of women and children. The result of this barbaric act was seven deaths. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry said on Facebook that one of them was a child.

00.02 a.m. – Paulo Coelho denounces the climate of fear of Russia
brazilian writer Paulo Coelho Today he condemned what he called climate Russia Unleash the invasion of Ukraine. The author of a book wrote: The Ukrainian crisis is a suitable excuse for Russophobia the alchemist. I’ve been to Lviv, Kiev, Odessa, Yalta and Chernobyl (Ukraine), and I’ve traveled 10,000 km by train from Moscow to Vladivostok (Russia). S – Coelho adds – There is a war, but do not blame the common people.

00:00 – Melitopol replaces the kidnapped and tormented mayor

Melitopol, occupied by Russian forces, has a new mayor: her name is Galina Daniilchenko and she was already a municipal council member in this Ukrainian city. He was chosen to replace Ivan Fedorov, the mayor who, according to Ukrainian authorities, was They were arrested by armed men and accused of terrorism By the unilaterally proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic, which was recognized and supported by Russia. Honorable President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, I mentioned the kidnapping Fedorov added that he was being tortured for declaring his support for Russia. In his conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, Zelensky asked for help in his release.

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