War in Ukraine, Vladimir Solovyev talks about atomic weapons against the United States – TIME

War in Ukraine, Vladimir Solovyev talks about atomic weapons against the United States – TIME
Federica Pascal

In no way can nuclear energy be used against Ukraine. It can be used against the United States, but only as a reaction in case the United States strikes us.” So is Russian journalist Vladimir Solovyev, a guest called from Moscow by Massimo Giletti, during Sunday’s May 1 episode of Non è l’Arena, the political talk show that It is broadcast in prime time on La7.

“The only country that used nuclear weapons was the USA, not Russia – Russia 1 leader recalls – we don’t have any written document that says we can use a tactical nuclear attack, which might be something for the US. The US states can do, and that’s what No one ever spoke of this possibility in Russia, they said, and it is also impossible to imagine because radioactive dust will return to our lands and it will be terrible for us. ”

Solovyev reminds Italy that Vladimir Putin’s Russia employs only 15% of the military for the special operation in Ukraine. There are about 150 thousand soldiers on Ukrainian soil because “we are the Ukrainian people, even if it is difficult to understand,” says the journalist. During the live broadcast, in a debate with the director of “Libero”, Alessandro Salusti, the Russian journalist claimed that he was the goal of the Ukrainian president: “Zelensky’s friends want to kill me! They organized different possibilities – as the leader of Russia says 1 – a person who was an anti-fascist was killed in Ukraine. There he is killed. Journalists, all TV channels are banned.”

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The editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Libero” asks his Russian colleague about the reason for the arrests in Russia and Giliti mentions that 31 journalists have been killed since Russian President Vladimir Putin took power: “I do not arrest anyone. I am a journalist, it is Zelensky who is being arrested”, asserts Solovyev, who accuses Salusti as an advocate “in the service of those I do not know and against the interests of the Russians.” “You are someone who wants to continue the war! Putin does not arrest anyone. Did you see that a reporter came out with a live signal? – asks the director, referring to Ekaterina Andreeva – and nothing happened, she was not arrested. In fact, now he works for a German television channel.

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