Philippines picks Duterte’s successor: from dictator Marcos’ son to ex-boxer Pacquiao who aims to become head of state.

Philippines picks Duterte’s successor: from dictator Marcos’ son to ex-boxer Pacquiao who aims to become head of state.

The philippines They are preparing for the general elections scheduled for Monday (May 9th) in anticipation of the political developments that will arise from the polls. Asian nation, colonized by United State Decades-old and independent since 1946, it is a presidential republic on the American model, in which the head of state is placed at the head of the executive branch. The President of the Republic may be elected for a single term of six years and may not be re-introduced. The vice presidentUnlike in the United States, he is elected separately and can also be a member of an opposition political party. Outgoing Head of State Rodrigo DuterteControversial political figure accused of Human rights violationshe will not be able to reapply and the Filipinos will have to choose his successor from a shortlist featuring the names of four favorites.

At the top of the preferences, according to a survey conducted by Pulse Asia Researchthere Ferdinand Marcos Jr.He received 56 percent of the vote. Marcos, a former congressman, can count on a deep-rooted presence on social media (he has nearly 6 million followers on Facebook) and on the “fame” generated by being the dictator’s son. Ferdinand Marcosin power from 1973 to 1986. Second Vice President Lenny Robredowith 24 percent of the vote, followed by the Mayor of Manila Isco Moreno (8 percent) and former professional boxer Shooting (8 percent).

Lenny Robredo, who entered politics in 2012 after her husband died in a plane crash, became vice president in 2016 after defeating Marcos Jr. and can count on the support of two million volunteers, using door to door and entry. Markets, they support their positions. Robredo warns voters of a possible return to the Marcos era and his political rise reminds us of the rise of Corazon Aquinowho led the revolution against Marcos after I hit men The army killed her husband inManila Airport in 1983. His program aims to train an honest and effective executive who is able to accomplish one economic progress comprehensive, to finish Discrimination At work, to ensure free and universal access to the Internet and to attract investment by fighting corruption.

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Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has been accused of trying to rewrite his country’s political history after it was identified, a newspaper reports Watchmanlike father “political genius” And to coordinate a series of actions aimed at dissemination Online misinformation and attack his rivals. Marcus Jr. has denied or downplayed the accusations against his father’s government, but statements made in this regard by AI They speak clearly. under martial lawimposed by Marcos in 1972, at least 3,240 people were killed while 34,000 were killed. tortured And another 70,000 Jailed unfairly. Many fear that if Marcos becomes president, there is little hope of justice even though there is a law that grants compensation for victims of martial law. The Philippine political system is dominated by a number of strong families And impressive enough to replace I Concerts as the centerpiece of the political system. Politicians change their positions so often that they make them unnecessary and modify the electorate by relying on families rather than organized structures.

Philippines, according to the NGO Freedom House, a partially free nation where the principle of legality and the application of justice is contingent and favors the political and economic elites. Opposition politicians were arrested, on several occasions, after politically motivated charges were brought while the atmosphere was violence The lack of access to state resources also prevented him from operating efficiently. The Philippines is one of the most dangerous places in the world for me journalists The president’s hostile rhetoric towards them further exacerbated the situation. Things are not better for the defenders human rights And 134 were killed during Duterte’s administration.

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Duterte’s daughter has sided with Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and aims to become his deputy while her father is seeking a senator in an effort not to lose his political legacy. Follow Duterte Foreign Policy Independent and contradictory led him to clash with the United States. The head of state threatened to cancel an important military treaty With Washington (just to think about it later), he insulted the former president Barack Obama He has developed closer relationships with China. Beijing invested 14 billion dollars In the Philippine economy in scope, as referred to by Lowe Institutefrom the “Build, Build and Build” programme.

Beijing, accused of trying to influence the upcoming elections, has presented the Philippines with a Vaccines against the COVID-19 And it became the most important economic partner of this nation. Ferdinand Marcos Jr., known for his expressed calm attitudes toward China, has recently changed the record by adopting a more aggressive viewpoint, setting himself the opposite of Rodrigo Duterte. The former senator, during a debate focused on foreign policy, promised to send warships to “defend” the fishermen and the ship. sovereignty The Philippines is in the South China Sea. Imposing a military presence in the area – Marcos said, according to what I reported the diplomat – It is necessary to show China that we are defending what we consider our territorial waters.” Most of the other candidates also expressed harsh stances against China by siding withCorporation And for the local elites who have strong ties to the United States and they are many skeptics against Beijing’s intentions.

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