War in Ukraine: Live News, From Zelensky to Draghi, Let’s Open Ports Together – World

War in Ukraine: Live News, From Zelensky to Draghi, Let’s Open Ports Together – World

Fighting rages in Donbass. mayor Severodonetsk British Prime Minister Boris talks about 1,500 people killed since the beginning of the conflict Johnson He says Russia is making “slow but tangible progress” in Ukraine and in particular in Donbass. According to the Prime Minister, President Vladimir put it in “It is costing itself and the Russian army dearly, and it continues to bite the ground. It is ‘vital’ to continue supporting Kyiv,” he added.

CALL ZELENSKY-DRAGHI PHONE – “I had a phone conversation with Prime Minister Mario Draghi, on the front line regarding the situation.” Thus began a tweet from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. He writes: “We expect more defense support from our partners.” With Draghi, Zelensky said he raised “the problem of fuel supplies and ways to prevent the food crisis were discussed. We must unblock Ukrainian ports together,” he concludes.

Putin accuses: how he hinders negotiations – Russian President Vladimir Putin told Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer, with whom he had a telephone conversation, that Kyiv is obstructing the negotiation process with Russia. This was reported by the Kremlin, as reported by TASS. The Russian president also said attempts to blame Russia for food supply problems were “baseless” and stressed that Ukraine should clear the ports as soon as possible to allow ships to pass.

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Salvini in Moscow in the coming days – Lega leader Matteo Salvini may travel to Moscow in the next few days. Party circles announce this, explaining that, however, not everything has been decided and the initiative at the moment remains a working hypothesis.

Long-range missiles from the USA – Meanwhile, management Biden It will prepare to send more powerful weapons to Ukraine: the long-range missiles that Kyiv has long been asking why “could be the turning point in the war against Russia”. Weapons manufactured in the United States can launch a barrage of missiles for hundreds of kilometers, much further than any other system already in Ukraine. Another system required by Ukraine is the High Mobility Artillery Missile System or HIMARS

Zelensky’s appeal: “Do not flirt with Russia” – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused Russia of “genocide”. “They want to burn Popasna, Bakhmut, Lyman, Lychansk and Severodonetsk to ashes. Like Volnovaki, like Mariupol.” “The tragic events can still be stopped If the world’s most powerful did not flirt with Russia – added Zelensky – but he already insisted on ending the war. ” The Ukrainian president clarified that “Ukraine is not eager to talk with Russia about Vladimir Putin, but it must face reality and it will be necessary, we want our lives back.”

Accusations from Moscow “They want to erase us” – Russian Prime Minister Mishustin He adds to the potion: “The West is trying to erase our country and remove it from the world map.” For its part, the Kremlin He informed that negotiations with Ukraine had been suspended after Kyiv’s decision, “which contradicts Zelensky’s assurances of the need for talks at the highest level.”

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Listen: Russian soldier objected: ‘They threw grenades in basements at civilians’

The massacre in Severodonetsk –
The BBC quoted the mayor of Donbass (east): 1,500 people have been killed since the beginning of the war in Severodonetsk. The city is under constant bombardment, 60% of housing is completely destroyed and up to 90% of buildings are damaged and in need of major repairs, Stryuk adds. About 12,000-13,000 people remained in the city.

Video: The sky over Donetsk is a hail of sparks

Michael at 27, suggestions for Ukrainian wheat – “During our meeting, we will discuss concrete ways to help Ukraine export its agricultural products using the infrastructure of the European Union: we will also see how to better coordinate multilateral initiatives in this regard.” This came in the letter sent by European Council President Charles Michel to the 27 leaders on the occasion of the Council’s convening next week, in which he also announced that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and African Union President Macky Sall will speak at the next European Council, via video, in the sessions that will address Ukraine and security food.

4000 civilian casualties, 241 children – The civilian death toll in Ukraine has reached 4,000 since the start of the Russian invasion on February 24, according to the United Nations human rights agency. The number of residents killed so far by Russian forces is actually at least 3,998 (data updated as of Wednesday), while civilians injured are at least 4,693. However, the agency believes the actual numbers are much higher. The number of children who died since the beginning of the Russian invasion rose to 241, while 438 children were injured.

Relations of the Ukrainian Church with Russia – The Ukrainian Orthodox Church, with the support of Moscow, claims that it severed all ties with Russia due to the invasion of Ukraine, declaring “complete independence”. “We disagree with the position of Moscow Patriarch Kirill … on the war,” the church said in a statement after holding a council focused on Russia’s “aggression” against Ukraine, where it declared “the complete independence and autonomy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.”

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Standard & Poor’s downgrades Ukraine’s rating on war, negative outlook Standard & Poor’s downgrades Ukraine’s long-term foreign currency debt rating to CCC+. The outlook is negative. This was stated in a statement by the agency. “The rating reflects our expectations of a prolonged period of macroeconomic instability in the country due to Russia’s military intervention,” explains S&P.

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