US shooting continues, 4 boys killed in less than 24 hours: Yellow in a small town in Carolina

US shooting continues, 4 boys killed in less than 24 hours: Yellow in a small town in Carolina

New shooting in the United States: Four young men were shot dead. A massacre, the myriad carnage, which took place over 15 hours, over a weekend, in two different places, one block apart in Newberry, in rural South Carolina. Horror within hours of the massacre of very young children at a Texas school

Police investigation

Police are investigating possible links. The alarm went off the night between Saturday and Sunday, when cops responded to the call by shooting in the 700th block of Wise Street. There they found 16-year-old Michael Davis, shot five minutes after midnight. Davis was taken to Newberry County Hospital, where he died.

About 15 hours later, at 2:50 p.m. Sunday afternoon, a second barrage of shooting occurred at Block 2400 of Eleanor Street. At the expense of young Jesiri Robinson, 15, Jahquindon Toland, 18, and Santerius Davis, 19. All the victims attended Newberry High School.

Revenge or settling scores between gangs

The guns were found at the scene of the shooting. In an interview with, Police Chief Kevin Goodman did not specify whether the crimes were gang-related or whether revenge was the motive for the murders. One of the victims of the second shooting was questioned in the first shooting, but the president did not want to specify which one. “They’re all within a block of each other,” Police Chief Goodman said. Initially, I would say that everyone, all victims, are connected in some way. They knew each other, they were in the same circle.” The president said he could not prove a motive for the shooting or identify the suspect in the case. “We are still collecting many parts of this case – he said – trying to understand whether these two attacks are related in one way or the other,” he said.

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A forensic autopsy is scheduled for this week. The president told that none of the young men had been arrested in Newbury before. Goodman couldn’t tell if MyKain Davis and Sonterrious Davis were related. Even 48 hours after the murders, the police had little information to share. “As I always say, it takes a village to keep this neighborhood, to keep this city and county safe,” Goodman said. We need all possible information.” The latest murder occurred in Newberry on March 26 this year and the suspect was arrested.

Condolences to the families

Mykain Davis and Robinson were both students of Newberry High School and Toland and Sonterrious Davis had already graduated from the school. On Monday, the school started the smart run but was back in attendance on Tuesday. “I would like to express my personal condolences to the families of the victims at this very difficult moment,” Superintendent Alvin Presley said. “The Newbery community has been deeply affected by the events this weekend, which resulted in the deaths of four young men. No parent, friend or teacher is ever prepared to confront A tragedy like this I would like to thank the local law enforcement authorities for their work and support We will continue to work with them to make sure our schools are safe We have decided to return the students to Newberry High School to provide them with school and district support.

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