The Russians are late in their plans, but advance to Est-

The Russians are late in their plans, but advance to Est-

Russian troops also lost momentum in the Donbass, but strategic difficulties do not prevent the army from advancing. Putin’s army is approaching the point of no return and may have to revise its goals

Russian forces also lost momentum in Donbass British intelligence claimed they would be behind schedule, by which Moscow lost a third of its ground combat forces in February. in order to Ukrainians themselves admit that Putin’s army continues to advance into the east of the country.

The resistance successfully continues its counterattack in the Kharkiv region, and tries again in Izyum and Repelled 12 attacks in the separatist regions of Donetsk and Luhansk in the past 24 hours aloneDestroyed – as they say – 8 tanks, 5 artillery systems, 9 armored units and 5 enemy vehicles.

The Russians are about to reorganize to launch a new offensive in the eastsay the leaders of the Ukrainian army. Strategic difficulties – failures, low morale among soldiers, insurrections – In fact, they are not preventing the army from advancing where possible: Despite the losses, as they say from Kyiv, the Russians focus on the Lyman, Severodonetsk, Avdiivka and Kurakhiv regions. However, not a little.

Meanwhile I Intense bombing raids on the Azovstal steel plant in MariupolThe Ukrainians claimed that phosphorous bombs were used. The Russians claim that they destroyed two S-300 missile systems in Sumy and were hit by the warplanes, and at 4.30 am they launched an attack in the west, In the Lviv region, stationed in a military infrastructure not far from the Polish border: Maybe they were trying to neutralize it Arrival of supplies from NATO. According to the local administration, there were no dead or injured, but the building was completely destroyed. The Ukrainian air defense allegedly intercepted two more cruise missiles bound for Lviv, while the Russians denounced a new attack on Belgorod, The Russian border area was hit several times One of the attacks that Kyiv never claimed responsibility for: A civilian could have been injured.

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The height of the conflict is approaching, argue analysts and stakeholders. In confirmation of what the head of the Ukrainian Military Intelligence Kirillo Budanov said in recent days – Which will come the decisive moment in mid-August Now even Western analysts like General Mark Hertling think so We are approaching the decisive stage of the war. The former commander of US forces in Europe expresses a rather stern assessment: Some battalions are at their lowest levelsThey always have problems with coordination and logistics, discontent between officers and soldiers is growing, and they have not been able to correct the mistakes. Now, the general argues, they must revise their targets, and climb to the bottom.

And also the idea of ​​the Jumini al-Gharb, which is an account that follows the movements of the two armies step by step, and uses the word – coronation – which goes back in many Western analyzes. Maybe the Russians got to the point where they didn’t No choice but to suspend offensive action For a large-scale re-equipment, which would make it possible to fix the losses – more than 27,000 men, according to how, were taken with caution – suffered in battle. Before that happens, the known Jomini will try Risky shot trying to beat Severodonetsk.

However, there is always a current of thought that does not fully agree with the negative remarks on the invaders and always returns to one side: The losses incurred by the resistance And about usury that still affects Zelensky’s soldiers. Foreign aid will count a lot: Perhaps also for this reason, the US Embassy in Kyiv is keen to inform the people that the M777 guns supplied by the United States are now in operation. Their use has already emerged from the photos.

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On the other hand, the assessments of national sources in Moscow are interesting. He was highly critical of Igor Girkin, the former leader of the pro-Russian separatists in the Donbass and very close to the Kremlin, who – according to reports Reuters Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu was directly accused of criminal negligence For Ukrainian bankruptcy.

I have no evidence to charge him with treason, he would have said on Friday on his Telegram account, but I doubt it. Jerkin’s words – accused of murder by Dutch prosecutors for Malaysian airliner MH17 shot down over Ukraine In 2014 – is the most difficult public indictment of the Russian military leadership.

From the fog of war Meanwhile, the ship Vsevolod BobrovRussian support unit According to one version – He was hit by a missile while Mission to Snake Islandin the Black Sea. The ship, on the other hand, Back in excellent condition And it was filmed on May 14 at the base of Sevastopol, in the Crimea: a rather obvious indirect denial, a proof of how much news must pass two or three checks before it is judged reliable.

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