March 26, 2023

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Her husband’s body, missing for months, was found: it was mummified in the closet

I looked for him everywhere for eight months, after I reported him missing. The wife of Richard Midge, 53, from Illinois, never gave herself peace, trying to shed light on her husband’s fate. Now the truth came out of the autopsy results. Because the body was found in the closet of the couple’s home, mummified.

It was April 27, 2022 when Jennifer filed a missing person report. She had heard it in the afternoon, and they were supposed to meet at the house, but Richard had not turned up. His car was parked outside, but there was no sign of the man.

The police searched the apartment, and the operations proved to be very difficult because it appeared the husband and wife were chain boats. But the customers did not find anything.

His wife later reported strange smells in the house, and even on those occasions nothing was detected.

Until December when Mrs. Maedge went to retrieve the Christmas decorations inside a wardrobe that was seldom opened. Her husband’s body was mummified there.

Now the final autopsy results are in: The man committed suicide. The US media, which widely covers the news, did not provide more details about the death. Instead, the coroner explained that the mummified bodies did not smell, which is why the discovery was made months later.


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