Volleyball, women’s champions: Egono unleashed, the start of the race for Milan

Volleyball, women’s champions: Egono unleashed, the start of the race for Milan

Vero Voli defeated Serbian side Gedenstvo Stara Pazova 3-0 on the first day of the group stage. Paula was the best player in the match with 19 points

Milan Stara Pazova 3-0 (25-15, 25-16, 25-20)

Mission accomplished for Allianz Milano, who beat Serbian champions Gedenstvo Stara Pazova 3-0. The Lombards leave the crumbs and assert their clear superiority, dominating the first two parts. In the third we see more sloppiness, but the locals never take any risks, thanks to 19 points by Paula Egonu, the man of the match, 12 by Dalderup and 10 by Herrmann, in addition to 16 blocks overall. Ljidinstvo 8 from Nedeljovich. Gasparri starts with Brady-Egonu diagonally, Dalderup-Sela Spiers, Rettke-Hermann in the middle, and Castillo Libero. Jovo Caković responds with the Miljevic sisters diagonally (manager Maria opposite Tamara), Tekka and Vagagić at the back, Sukurović and Osmajic in the middle with Medved free. The hosts started strongly (2 from Heyman in a 6-1 start) before Egonu’s display (7 in the first half) broke the set. Allianz, which includes Cazzotti in the second line, dominates Gedenstvo, who loses Teka due to injury, with a score of 13-8 and is replaced by Nedeljkovic, until the final score is 25-15. Same story in the second half: 2-4 at the start, then 4 points from Egonu (also 1 block and 1 ace) and the score is 8-5. Then Sila and again the wall (7 in partial) dig a furrow up to 25-16 over the Serbs, ready to defend and nothing more. The third set was more balanced at the beginning (10-8, 18-17) only because Milan was more exposed to fouls (6 fouls in the first half of the set). The locals then extend it to a 25-20 final. Day two of the Champions League in France on Tuesday, against Salvani’s Mulhouse side, who lost 3-0 in Turkey to Vakifbank in their first match.

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