Volleyball: Quarterfinals, Civitanova takes Verona to Game 5

Volleyball: Quarterfinals, Civitanova takes Verona to Game 5

After losing 0-2 in this series, he also won the fourth game (in Veneto) and will now play his fifth game at home.

Verona Civitanova 1-3 (25-20, 23-25, 26-28, 24-26)
Pirate Loeb in Verona who puts the series on par and qualifies for the semi-finals will now be decided in Civitanova in the fifth game. And the shock that puts Verona on the ropes is foul and imprecise at the point-in moments, despite his usual unstoppable Sapojkoff. The extraordinary Nikolov answered him from nine meters and under the net again, well supported by Zaytsev and Yant in an attack that came from distance. The third set was decisive, when Civitanova eliminated 6 set pieces from opponents. Teams on the field are in the same initial settings as in previous matches. It is played in a sold mansion with Whitu heavily affecting the game while Lube struggles to get into the game. And so the gun pulled by Keita extends (9-4) forcing Bellengini to time-out. Civitanova is defective in service (6 fouls) and in attack, Whitu takes advantage of this and builds maximum advantage on the Sapozhkov-Mozic axis (16-10).

Like last year

Anzani brings back the Marches who, however, collapsed in the final after coming back within two of their opponents winning four set pieces and closing immediately at the first opportunity. In the second, Whitu’s service goes down with a total score of a partial goal. The break comes with a header from Mozic and an ace from Grozdanov to which Lube responds with a stunning turn on Nikolov’s serve that clears the disadvantage. A very uncertain final with a three-color break set (5-0) which reverses the score at 20-23: Civitanova then wins with three set pieces, Verona cancels two but Yant closes by bringing the score back to a tie. The beginning of the third period with Whitu accelerating again at the turn to serve Mozic deserved a heavy 5-1 to Lube who was forced to punt. He gets punished by Sapozhkov who extends the advantage in Veronese’s favor (12-6), thanks to Civitanova who reverts to being too imprecise. Nikolov’s serve turn (3 yards) revives Loeb who, however, is sporadic and Verona thus sinks in the final at 24-20: the serves of Yant Scala who fail on six set pieces, not the rediscovered Civitanova who closes in the first time with the ball that Fired by Keita. In the fourth game, Loeb takes control of the set and sets the break with Yant’s block (11-14): Verona does not give up and brings the match back to the point but in the final it is still Yant and Nikolov who put the seal on the success of the marches.

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