Milan, only deferred shots remaining: the two names on the list | first page

Milan, only deferred shots remaining: the two names on the list |  first page

That being said no one is perfectand this proverb This also applies to the premium Milan market, in fact capable of producing 9 points in the first few days without showing his full potential, given that Okafor, Chukwueze and Musa, who arrived later, are only in charge for the time being. however Forlani, Moncada and Dottavio had more ambitious plans For the summer session which has just ended, plans which, if realized, would have completed an indisputable shopping campaign in all respects.

shots in the barrel – affairs Tarmis It has spurred interest in the market’s final days: the cards have changed on the table, and we’ve seen three days of flipping back and forth without a happy ending. The demand for personal terms was very high, despite the existence of an agreement with Porto, and so, after a quick survey, Milan rushed to sign Luca JovicNot a complete striker but a striker equipped with technique and capable of scoring, as evidenced by the 12 goals scored in Florence not as a starter in the 2022-23 season. On the left defensive line, in contrast, there was no arrival, even if it was expected: a delayed departure Baloo Toriwho rejected several offers, prevented the Rossoneri from closing Calafioriwho chose Bologna, and therefore for the time being remain Florenzi, Kalolo and Partisaghi (the first two were adapted or adapted Calabria) as replacements for the undisputed owner Theo Hernandez.

One in January, one in June – Jovic makes saves and if all goes well he adds a lot of quality to the attack, while that The left back is a dirt lot that needs to be filled as a priority Once the market opens its doors: Juan Miranda, who was born in 2000 under Betis in Seville, is a file that has already been x-rayed in recent weeks but has not been attacked due to the aforementioned Palo Toure reticence. A new attempt will be possible in January. As for the attacker, there is an idea that we revealed to you in recent days, which is that JJonathan David Which is still being courted by the big names in our football, which it has Contract ends in 2025 And whose name, in the absence of a contract renewal with Lille, will become very hot next summer also from Milan’s perspective with the exorbitant price now, which will inevitably decrease.

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