Volleyball – Achieve Monza with Super Fan Heck! Congliano eliminated in the tiebreak in Match 1 of the Scudetto final

Volleyball – Achieve Monza with Super Fan Heck!  Congliano eliminated in the tiebreak in Match 1 of the Scudetto final
A native The work of Ferro Volley Monza! In fact, coach Marco Gaspari’s team won Match 1 of the Scudetto Final With’Incredible comeback On the Prosecco Doc Imoko Foli Congliano. under 1-2, Jordan Larson Instruct the Companions to 25-16 of the fourth group Which is worth a tie-breaker, but in the final set specifically, rosablù a . performs Incredible masterpiece. After 6-10, Monza benefits from Incredible mistakes from Paula Igonocomposed of 29 points but with 16 Errors between the attack (10) and the service, and finds an excellent contribution from the role when sending Sonya Candyto seal victory with Mind-out by Liz Van Heck (23 points and best player title) for 15-13 the last.
a endless gamewhich lasted over two hours, and almost featured two different challenges in the same match. Monza starts very well, with the first set he manages to hit from nine meters and make use of the excellent offensive contribution of Van Hecke, a favorite over the best player in the world. Match 3 of the Scudetto semi-finalsAnd Magdalena StesiakAnd Anna Deviskibathe latter was dumped on PalaVerde taraflex for an average last minute of Alicia Jennari. However, in the following fractions, the whole Joanna Walsh’s classUnbelievable is this ability to unlock the game thanks to two magical wrists, which often leave comrades without a wall. To take advantage of the dominance in dribbling a Polish teammate, who will return to the national team Next World Cupespecially Rafaella Folli, simply dominant first in space speed and author of 12 points. From the fourth set, the guest’s return begins, to achieve a stunning victory even considering that, gods 20 previous comparisons Between these two formations, Monza He just won two.

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A game in some ways silly, undoubtedly beautiful. In 3-2 of Vero Volley there is one thing all volleyball team You should do better treatment Dream Team Imoco: Defensive posture, defensive relationship, mindset, cover, ability to rise again are obvious difficulties. Of course, being able to count on a class Governor Governor Larson, it gets easier. Until today, the American coach provided further evidence of how much we will miss if she decides to retire at the end of the season. not so much for 14 points or the 71% Excellence in Receptionas far as it is for Leadership On display inside the very hot, albeit unsold, PalaVerde, thanks to a display of tactical rifles set to start rosablù’s comeback in the fourth, Along with Van Heck, Larsson is the real driver of Monza which he also enjoys great test from Alicia Orowith the national team extremely skilled in the variety of slots and quick play in the middle, especially in the moments when the reception compels her to run all the Travelex and even in the evening when Dana Ritke (2 ATK Points 20%) Rarely pays off. Intermittently the Davyskiba effect, primary in the first group but then suffers in reception, and Anna Dancyeven if the blue center has always asserted itself as dominant on the block and essential in improving the defense and wall correlation from Group 4 onwards.

For congliano there instead Regret a lot, taking into account 25-15 of the second group and 25-19 of the next group. The Prosecco Doc Imoco is completely in control of the game, and while he is able to play the usual and cool team volleyball, like snow in the sun, his opposite “betrayed” him in the tiebreak. Put all the blame on For Egonu, that would be unfair, also because other teams were missing a lot, with Catherine Plummer replace it Megan Courtney In the first set to increase the strength in reception and not see him again on the field, e Myriam Sella Intermittently from 4th place (39% in attack). The 14 fouls between the fourth and fifth group They weigh like rocks in the first chapter of this beautiful final of the Scudetto, as well as for the rest Conegliano boasts better numbers In attack (46% vs. Monza 41%), he held up well in a block fight (8-8) and managed to inflict more than nine meters (5 ace) damage, in the first major press time that Santarelli’s coaching team history certainly doesn’t stand out for its continuity and effectiveness. in optics 2 . racescheduled for Tuesday May 3, 2022 At 20:45 in the plaza’s Taraflex it will be necessary to reset completely and avoid other blackouts like those of today. Monza did not reach the final by chance and he has already shown that he can recover multiple times to break others’ dreams of glory. Continuity will be the cornerstone of the match: if Congliano plays as he did today in the central groups, it is unlikely that Ferro Folli will be able to repeat the feat; Otherwise, for Rosabel, the dream of returning 2-0 at Fürba will be more vivid than ever.

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Match Report

Prosecco Doc Imoco Volley Conegliano – Vero Volley Monza 2-3 (23-25; 25-15; 25-19; 16-25; 13-15)

  • congliano: Caravello, Plummer 2, Courtney 9, De Kruijf 8, Folie 12, Omoruyi, De Gennaro (L), Vuchkova ne, Frosini ne, G. Gennari 1, Wolosz 5, Silla 9, Egonu 29, Bardaro (L) ne Attached. Santarelli.
  • Monza: Lazovic 1, Stysiak 1, Boldini, A. Gennari ne, Van Hecke 23, Orro 3, Parrocchiale (L), Danesi 10, Rettke 2, Larson 14, Davyskiba 15, Candi 2, Moretto ne, Negretti (L)ne Attached. Gaspari.

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