June 2, 2023

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Partial solar eclipse has arrived, but in Italy it will be live – space and astronomy

Only a few hours to the partial solar eclipse, the first of 2022. This phenomenon is expected to begin at 20.45 in Italy, and therefore it will be impossible to observe it from Italy, where the sun will already have set. The partial eclipse should reach its maximum extent about two hours later, when in Italy it will be 22.41, to end 37 minutes after midnight.

However, there are very few places where you can see our star partially dimmed. In fact, it will be possible to observe the coverage of more than half of the solar disk only from a point in the Southern Ocean about halfway between Tierra del Fuego (South America) and the Antarctic Peninsula. From South America, the partial eclipse will be visible above all from Chile, Argentina and to a lesser extent from Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

We will have to wait until October 25 to be able to observe another solar eclipse, the second and final of 2022 and also this partial eclipse. It will be visible from Europe, Western Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Animation showing the region where the partial solar eclipse on April 30, 2022 will be visible (Source: NASA/AT Sinclair)

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