Follow the status of Juventus Live

Follow the status of Juventus Live

2.45 pm

Fagioli’s disqualification: how much is he risking?

Any violation of sporting law, if confirmed, will be enforced Bean The penalty ranges from a small fine to disqualification for 3 years or more, to which is added a fine starting from 25 thousand euros.

2.30 pm

Fagioli’s latest social message

“Turin was and still is as in the picture.” Attached is an emoji of the zebra and a close-up shot of it in black and white. This is the last message I posted on social media Niccolò Fagioli A few days ago, after the Turin derby, which Juventus won. Since then, the 2001-born midfielder has not shared anything else but has deactivated all comments on it. Instagram Read everything

2.15 pm

Juventus, begins the appeal process for the last logo

I started this morning Turin The appeals process in this case The last flag: Six Juventus leaders are accused, who were convicted in the court of first instance of extortion from the club, private violence and criminal association Read all

2 pm

The Fagioli case is what Juventus risks

Since this is the case, for now Juventus He does not risk any federal relief. but Article 24 is specified in paragraph 5: “Subjects referred to in Art. 2, who in any way become aware that companies or persons have carried out or are about to carry out any of the acts referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2, are obliged to inform the Federal Prosecutor’s Office without delay.” That is, if anyone within the company has information that Fagioli (or any other member) has bet, they must report it. If someone knew about this and did not inform prosecutors, they would also be at risk of disqualification, as the rule explains: “Failure to comply with this obligation entails the persons referred to in Art. 2- a penalty of ban or exclusion for a period of not less than six months and a fine of not less than 15,000 euros.”

1.45 pm

Fagioli case investigated at home

Sports Justice Investigation conducted by FIFA Fagioli case He will be on his way. Ansa learns this.

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1.30 pm

What did Fagioli do in the Juventus match?

Fagioli was present last night at the celebratory event organized by Juventus “Together, a black and white show”, with his teammates who were not called up to the national team. They have many old glories in black and white, that’s what happened

1.15 pm

Fagioli, the timing of the Italian Federation’s investigations

Investigation into FIGC It shouldn’t take long. The file was supposed to be opened, after the report of Fagioli’s lawyer on August 30, in the first days of September: from that moment on, the prosecutor’s office led by Cheney 60 days (unless extended) to close it.

1:00 pm

Juventus has no comment on the Fagioli case

There is no comment yet, whether through an official statement or via social media from the company Juventus In the case of Fagioli, registered in the register of suspects by the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office in the betting case.

12.45 pm

Juventus, Fagioli’s social gesture

Niccolò Fagioli in the eye of the click. Profile personly Instagram The Juventus midfielder was attacked by hundreds of users who began to comment in a more or less calm tone. It didn’t take long for him to react: Read everything


Fagioli has already been questioned by the Italian Football Federation’s chief prosecutor

Public Prosecutor’s Office the shape He had already doubted it Niccolò FagioliAccording to what was reported by the “Adnkronos” agency. 22-year-old midfielder Juventus The Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office is being investigated as part of an investigation into betting on illegal online platforms. What happened

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12.15 pm

Fagioli case, the Italian Federation opens the case file

there FIFA Prosecutor’s Office has received from Niccolò Fagioli Lawyers Reporting the involvement of the young Juventus footballer in the investigation conducted by the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding illegal online betting platforms. La Stampa newspaper reported this, stressing that the problem, with regard to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office led Giuseppe Cheni, this will be less about the nature of the website and more about any sports law violations that specifically stem from betting. Therefore, the Football Association would have opened a file in this case.

12:00 pm

Hey Bean, what does Article 24 of the Sports Fairness Act say?

second the art. 24 of the Sports Fairness ActAll members are prohibited from betting, whether on legal or illegal platforms: “Those subject to federal law and the directors, members and members of companies affiliated with the professional sector are prohibited from placing or accepting bets, directly or indirectly, even from entities authorized to receive them.” (And “With people who are not authorized to receive them.”) “Concerning the results relating to official matches organized within the Italian Football Federation, FIFA and UEFA”. It entails violating the ban “Punishment of ban or exclusion for a period of not less than three years and a fine of not less than 25,000.00 euros.”

11.45 am

What is Fagioli risking?

Sports betting is illegal if done on illegal and unlicensed platforms. The investigation opened by the Turin Public Prosecutor focused specifically on these sites Manuela Piedrota. In the case of 22-year-old Fagioli, problems could also arise Sports justice: All members are prohibited from betting on football, regardless of platform. If this is confirmed to be the case, the midfielder Juventus He could also be at risk of being excluded.

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11.35 am

Beans, investigations

The name of the Bean It will appear as the flying band in Turin led by Luigi MetolaAs part of the investigation, he was analyzing a round of betting (sports and other) on illegal online sites, not directly related to betting on football. player Juventus He will not have any role in organizing bets, but his name will appear among the different profiles of bettors. Investigations are underway to understand whether Fagioli was really betting and on what. Read everything

11.23 am

Fagioli bet case: what happened

Juventus midfielder Niccolò Fagioli It is being investigated as part of an investigation by the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office into some illegal online betting platforms. Read all the updates in real time and follow the Juventus match live on


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