Volkswagen ID.7 preview: first impressions

Volkswagen ID.7 preview: first impressions

Volkswagen ID.7 preview: It wasn’t possible to take photos inside, but Paolo was able to test it out and give us first impressions. video

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Volkswagen ID.7 preview: renewed on-board system

Paolo has a lot of experience Volkswagen electric cars. First he had Golf Batteries, then one ID.3 (With some problems), which you now intend to replace with the new form (video here). That’s why he was waiting with curiosity for the ID.7, the car that would make Volkswagen a paradigm shift, with a direct challenge. For world leader Tesla. One of the first things that crosses your mind when you sit down at the ID7 is on board system, Completely revamped, with a smooth and intuitive user experience. there Travel planning It has been significantly improved, making… Road management more effective. A promising sign in terms of ease of use and comfort in the ID.7: We have certainly overcome the difficulties encountered in the first VW models.

Volkswagen previewDesigned for long distances on the highway

The ID.7 is equipped with a battery with a total capacity of 91 kWh, So we are using an almost real net 85-86 kWh. Battery is important, but what’s particularly noteworthy is Efficiency From this car. From an aerodynamic point of view, the ID.7 is designed to consume as little as possible, with a very low drag coefficient, approx 0.23. Which clearly translates into greater autonomy. we about 700 km, WLTP approved, with ultra-fast charging Up to 200 kW. These characteristics make it ideal for long-distance travel. Especially on the highway, With a specific goal In the company’s fleets. It is important to remember (Paolo always repeats this) that autonomy depends not only on the battery capacity; On the efficiency of the car. With a regenerative on-board system, efficient battery, and focus on autonomous driving, the ID.7 seems to promise a great driving experience.

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Volkswagen preview

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