Stop ChatGpt in Italy. Privacy guarantor: “Personal data is at risk.” And OpenAi denies access

Stop ChatGpt in Italy.  Privacy guarantor: “Personal data is at risk.”  And OpenAi denies access

The authority also contests the lack of systems to verify the age of minors. An investigation has been launched: OpenAI risks a fine of up to 20 million euros. Communications from Italy were blocked in the evening

Italy says stop ChatGpt. Created by Privacy Guarantor on March 31st ordered, with immediate effect, the Temporary Restriction of Data Processing of Italian Users against OpenAI, The American company that developed and operates the platform.
on Friday evening OpenAI has taken steps to block access to ChatGpt of Italian IP addresses. “Obviously we are referring (to the decision) of the Italian government, to stop offering ChatGPT in Italy (even though we believe we are following all privacy laws). Italy is one of my favorite countries and I can’t wait to go back soon! He writes on Twitter Sam AltmanOpenAI CEO.

Inaccurate data processing

Privacy Guarantor also claims to discover lack of information for users and all interested parties whose data OpenAI collects, But most of all.”There is no legal basis justifying the collection and massive retention of personal data, for the purpose of “training” the algorithms essential to the functioning of the platform. As evidenced by the scans carried out, theThe information provided by ChatGpt does not always correspond to the real data, thus identifying inaccurate processing of personal data. Finally, though – according to the terms published by OpenAI – the service It is aimed at people over the age of 13, and the authority notes that there is no filter to verify the age of users Exposing minors to responses that are wholly inappropriate with regard to their degree of development and self-awareness.”

Millionaire fine

Finally, the privacy guarantor points out that although OpenAI does not have an office in the European Union, it has appointed a representative in the European Economic Area, Measures taken must be reported within 20 days As required by the guarantor, A fine of up to 20 million euros or up to 4% of the annual global turnover.

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