Meeting of the “Italian System” at the US Embassy – News from the embassies

Meeting of the “Italian System” at the US Embassy – News from the embassies

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, OCTOBER 28 – “It is in the framework of the strong partnership between Italy and the United States, that Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and US President Joe Biden have reaffirmed the centrality of these days, that together we must jointly raise the bar for action Integrated strengthening and public diplomacy in this country.” Thus, Ambassador Zappia opened the 2022 system meeting in Washington. The meeting, which was attended by Consuls, Directors of Cultural Institutes, ICE, Attaché of the Bank of Italy, Scientific Attachés and all other representatives of the Italian system in the USA, was given a video link by Ambassador Pasquale Terracciano, Director General of Public and Cultural Diplomacy at Farnesina and Cecilia Piccioni, Central Director of Integrated Promotion and Innovation at The same management.

“We must promote our history, culture, language and traditions but also focus on modern and innovative Italy in all sectors and on our leadership in sustainability,” emphasized Zappia, promoting the new Center for Innovation and Culture as an example. Francisco and Rome are nominated for the 2030 World Expo.

The ambassador also pointed out that “public diplomacy plays a central role in our activity, especially communications, which must be mainstreamed in all our initiatives.”

“Strengthening Italy’s soft power abroad, focusing on our invaluable art, culture and heritage, is the central task of the Directorate General of Public and Cultural Diplomacy,” Terracciano emphasized.

“The United States represents particularly fertile ground from this point of view, due to the intensity of bilateral relations and the strong demand for Italy that we are seeing.”

“The United States is for us a partner of reference not only in the traditional sectors of art, fashion and design, but also in the more innovative sectors, such as scientific research and aerospace, which are fundamental to enhancing our competitiveness,” Piccioni emphasized, noting that “we will also focus on these sectors in the commission.” The upcoming Italian-American mixed scientific study is a valuable opportunity to assess the state of bilateral scientific and technological relations and to deepen their potential for expanding the scope of work.” The regime meeting continued with in-depth studies on: effective public diplomacy strategies, the promotion of soft power, culture, and the Italian language; Economic and commercial promotion, with interest in innovative and pioneering sectors in the medium term; Science and Technology, with a focus on osmosis between research and industry and on the ability to communicate with Italian researchers in the United States. This was followed by a meeting of the directors of Italian cultural institutes and scientific attachés, and a meeting of school principals in the United States of America.

On the same day, the Embassy of Italy hosted the first meeting in the United States of the Transatlantic Investment Committee, a forum for the promotion of investments between Italy and the United States of America, and the launch of the Washington chapter of the Lewis University Alumni Network. from Rome. (Dealing).

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