The Omigron variant states that the United States “puts 1 million cases at risk per day”. And Germany sees vaccine duty

Likely to be with the United States A million New cases Corona virus Per day by the end of January. Twice as much as last winter’s peak, caused Different Omigron. This is the warning raised by the director National Institutes of Health, Francis Collins, On his last day as President of the Institute. Collins presided Here For 12 years, he spoke in an interview with the radio station E.g.: “I know people are tired. But the virus is not tired of us, every two months we find a way to change it and become more contagious. And American Epidemiologist Anthony Fossie, Administrative director பிடன், Today, December 19th, had already spoken of the “extraordinary diffusion potential” of the “raging world” variation.

Berlin: “No locks before Christmas”

In Germany, the German Minister of Health Carl Lotterbach The new government is preparing to face its first real epidemic crisis Scholes. The new variant of the corona virus is causing new epidemics across Europe, and some countries, such as the Netherlands, are focusing on holiday control measures. However, Germany seems to want to avoid returning to prison, but rather wants to talk about duty. “There won’t be one Disabling Before Christmas. But we will have a fifth wave because we have surpassed the critical number of Omigran infections, ”Lotterbach said. “This wave can no longer be stopped completely, but it can be combated with compulsory vaccinations. It is my firm belief that the European Commission is also focusing on vaccines, which have announced a new agreement in addition to childbirth. Pfizer/ In the first three months of BioNTech 2022. Last Thursday, December 16, Brussels also agreed Modern Providing additional amounts in the first quarter of the new year.

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Nine cases of more than 82,000 in the United Kingdom

In Europe, the worst situation was recorded in the United Kingdom, which, like last year, was preparing for a devastating Christmas. Others have been deployed in the last 24 hours 12.133 Cases of Omigran (further increase in comparison 10.059 Yesterday), total +82.886 Covit-19 cases were detected within 24 hours. This number is slightly lower than the peak of the last few days 90 thousand Cases per day, but weekend stats are generally lower. An increase in positives compared to three weeks ago – that is, before the detection of omega-3 diffusion 127% In Ireland, meanwhile, mutations dominate registered cases.


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