Viral hoax | The TikTok trick to tie the perfect tie quickly and easily

Viral hoax |  The TikTok trick to tie the perfect tie quickly and easily

Become one tie It is a way to Noir A tie to keep it in place around the neck. Serves both stylize The overall appearance of the suit is such that it prevents the tie from becoming unraveled or unraveled.

Within multiple existing tie knots, the so-called Windsor It is one of the most elegant and popular things, which can be used in formal and professional occasions. It is characterized by… Wide and symmetricalWhich gives it an elegant and sophisticated look. This knot is especially suitable for wide neck shirts, due to its size and size.

The Windsor knot is more suitable for formal occasions, such as weddings, etiquette events, or important business meetings. Due to their polished and well-structured look, they look good with classic-cut dresses and shirts with wider collars.

around the neck

Doing this is very simple. The tie is placed around the neck so that its wide end on the right side is about 30 cm lower than the narrow end. Cross the wide end of the tie over the narrow end so that the wide end is pointing to the left. Pass the wide end of the tie under the narrow end to the right. Next, the wide end of the tie is lifted up over the neck and passed through the space Between the neck and the knot Of a tie.

Next, the end is brought Ample From the tie down, from the top of the knot, and pass in front of the knot from left to right, pass the wide end of the tie under the tie knot to the left, and lift the wide end of the tie up and up the neck again, passing it through the space between Neck and neck knot.

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Nose control

Finally, the wide end of the tie is dropped and passed through In front of the tie knot From right to left pass the wide end of the tie through the loop formed at the front of the knot.

Finally, it just remains Adjust the neck of the tie Gently pull both ends and make sure they are centered and tight.

However, there is a very simple and quick way to do it without having to wear a tie, as we learned from this Tik Tok video, where the wider end of the tie is placed over the arm, and the narrow end is passed over it twice, then the narrow end is taken and passed from the bottom to the top, without going through – completely and making a loop leaving a gap in the middle where the head will pass. After placing the head, the knot is adjusted as shown in the TikTok video And it’s over!

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