Porco d.., the first word of Silvano di Cosini di Campagna on the island of the famous is kufr

Porco d.., the first word of Silvano di Cosini di Campagna on the island of the famous is kufr

Their cousins ​​from the countryside finally landed on Celebrity Island after a few weeks of delay. Silvano Michetti immediately begins to row.

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Kayaking to start the experience. that ofFamous IslandOf course, of course. Silvano Mishti dei Cousini di Campagna, who launched himself from the helicopter with his companion and the undisputed king of falsetto nick LucianiThe adventure begins amidst the controversy. Once greeted by Alvin, they dedicate themselves to an a cappella song dedicated to her Elari plassibut Silvano in his voice can’t do that, then asks Alvin how he made it to the shore, he says to swim but actually used the help of the boat. “Eh, but we saw you with the little boat” And at this point Silvano gives up blasphemy: “Eh, pig d…”. Someone from the studio hears it, but she draws and goes on.

Landing and Ivano’s reaction

Their cousins ​​finally landed on Celebrity Island after that After a few weeks. Ivano Michetti admitted in an interview that saw him star on Striscia la Notizia, a service taped on April 1. Ivano said, “I haven’t been able to speak to my brother for a month. I don’t know where he is, he must be in Honduras, but I don’t know what happened to Silvano. You don’t know the suffering of the twins. Once, when I was children, our aunt poured hot broth on him and he had to To stay in Bambin Gesù, I struggled with him. We were never far away, it’s been a month. But fortunately, the adventure of Silvano Michetti and Nick Luciani began, as Silvano’s brother, Ivano, was present in the studio on this fifth episode of Island of the Famous Which will lead to another final removal.

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The Cousins ​​of the Countryside is joining an already rich cast to try to move this version into an active upward aberration. Currently, TV ratings for the first four episodes fluctuate wildly on the split between Mondays and Thursdays. The first episode of March 21, 2022 was watched by 3,236,000 spectators with a 23.26% rate; The second bet is 2,306,000 (15.39%); The third represents 3,074,000 net spectators with a share of 20.64%. Fourth share 2,380,000 (15.73%).

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