Vilamar de Calafell School will have its own kitchen next year

Vilamar de Calafell School will have its own kitchen next year

Villamar de Calafell School (Photo: Calafell City Council)

Calafell City Council will make the necessary investment of €135,000.

Vilamar de Calafell School will finally have its own kitchen next year, 2024-2025. A tender is currently being called for the purchase and assembly of the prefabricated kitchen unit, and the work is expected to be carried out over the summer, coinciding with the school holidays.

In this way, according to the Calavell City Council, the cessation of basic services at the center is completed and a long-standing demand of the educational community is answered.

The investment amounts to €135,000 and is entirely borne by the Calavell City Council. According to the calendar announced by the Council, excavation and foundation construction will be carried out in July. In August, the unit was installed. Everything will be ready to start the course at the beginning of September.

This building will be similar to the other units that make up the Villamar School, which in recent years has strengthened and expanded its spaces.

“The city council has allocated the funds necessary to close this long-awaited project,” explains Calavell City Council training advisor Manal Al-Masmoudi Belchkar Al-Soussi. “We have been talking with the state Department of Education for many years and have never reached a conclusion.”

The same consultant concluded: “Most of the costs of the integration work carried out by Villamar were paid by the city council, as in other educational centers in the municipality, because if it were not so, there would be nothing to do and the problems would continue forever.” “.

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