Illa, Puigdemont or the equivalent verb mechanism?

Illa, Puigdemont or the equivalent verb mechanism?

“I see that Mr. Illa is very clear that he must go to the inauguration first. If he does not go out, so be it.” Secretary General of Gents, Jordi TurolYesterday, he challenged the PSC leader to come first to the inauguration debate in an interview on TV3. The order and context in which attempts to become head of state-general will be made can be decisive. the parliament president, Joseph RollThe round of contacts with the groups is likely to begin next week with the aim of proposing a candidate. The first discussion about his inauguration should take place on June 25 at the latest. But it would be very difficult for Illa to reach that date under an agreement tied to the House of Commons and the European Research Council, which, in the case of the Republicans, would have to endorse hardening. It is also not possible for the Junts to reach an agreement with the ERC and CUP and force the PSC to abstain from voting. “I will not abstain from voting,” Ila said in another interview with RTVE. Turul thus noted Junts’ preference for the PSC candidate to try first and then fail and give up.

Ila declared himself “optimistic” despite the Planetarium’s Science Board losing the first part of the game at the start of the legislature. His priority is the inauguration, not the table. But Rolle will control the calendar over the coming weeks and months. The real deadline for the inauguration is August 25, not June 25, and until then things will happen that are crucial to the future of the Legislature. But the system dictates to us, and first of all there must be a discussion and a first vote for a president who begins the two-month countdown before the re-election. He does not want Puigdemont to receive the first setback of the plenum. “We don’t want to make a Feijóo,” Turull said, recalling the failed inauguration of the PP leader. Therefore, it is appropriate for Junts to do Sanchez’s work, providing spacing. In other words, we must try to create the most favorable conditions for Puigdemont, trusting that he will ultimately have greater support than Illa, and then point out the culprit in the re-election. “If we add 59 or 55 votes and Mr. Illa has 42 – or 48, if there is a House of Commons – he must decide whether to block or not. Because it seems we are the only ones blocking them. No, no. He is just as much of an obstruction as we are,” Turul warned. .

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The PSC also defines Junts, ERC and CUP as “obstructive minority”. A minority is capable of assuming the presidency and a majority at the parliamentary table, but it does not reach an absolute majority in the plenary session, and needs the Peace and Security Council to abstain from voting in order to obtain more favorable votes than the opposition in the second round. Instead, Ella is advocating a tripartite “operational majority”, with votes from the PSC, the European Reform Council and the House of Commons, although they would not have to form a coalition government. But will Ella get this majority on June 25? Is it suitable for making Feijóo?

Junt’s plans go further. Because Puigdemont is sticking to his commitment to attend the first inauguration debate. So, if Illa presents to the plenary first, the exiled president will receive a lot of media attention for his return and possible arrest if the judges do not grant him a pardon. This will make it more difficult for the ERC to support investment by socialists if it does not obtain an objective gain for the country, such as the unique financing (economic concert) it has already set as a condition. It will be more difficult politically if Puigdemont is arrested. Repression remains the common thread that unites independence despite eternal differences and rivalries.

“equivalent verb”

There is still another possibility, which is that the PSC and Junts inform Rull that they do not have enough support to field their candidate for first place and that the Speaker of Parliament decides to implement the so-called “equivalent law”. . In other words, let the two-month clock start ticking until the automatic call for elections without the plenary session voting for any candidate. This is a mechanism that was previously referred to in 2018 by the then Secretary-General of the House of Representatives. Xavier Moreau, in a legal report commissioned by the board after Puigdemont’s failed installation on January 30. Moro was adhering to a standard previously adopted by the Council of State. The President had to inform the plenary that there was no candidate, “with an effect equivalent to the first failed vote, and without prejudice, in any case, to his ability to initiate new rounds of consultations to formulate new proposals.” Roger Torrent He then postponed the plenary session on January 30, after the Constitutional Court banned Puigdemont’s remote impeachment. But finally, it was Turul who started the countdown to the re-election. The next day he was imprisoned.

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Torrent did not resort to similar action until two years later. On 28 September 2020, the Supreme Court of Justice of Catalonia issued an interlocutory order implementing the disqualification ruling of the President of the General State, Kim Tora. The ruling was strict and Parliament’s lawyers submitted another report in which they indicated the method of similar action. There was no candidate who had support for his investment, and the legal authorities tasked him with implementing this law “without delay” to avoid entering a period of uncertainty and institutional blockage, and so as not to prolong “a government limited in its tasks and powers.” Parliament is in its oversight capacity.” The lawyers then pointed out that this could be done in several ways. For example, with a reasoned statement from the Speaker of Parliament, which should be published in the official Bulletin of the Chamber (BOPC), indicating that there is no viable candidate. The countdown would actually be activated. Torrent read a resolution in the plenary of Parliament and was published in the BOPC on October 22 of that year. The President indicated that it was not possible for him to propose to the plenary a candidate for the position of President of the State, and the countdown to the two-month period began. It will lead to the election call.

“We prefer to go to the inauguration when we see that we have a chance to get out of it,” says Turull, who distances Puigdemont from a first attempt at inauguration in the face of Ella’s urging to form a government. as soon as possible . The parliamentary table meets today for the first time, in a preliminary meeting that coincides with the movement of the groups changing their desks – with boxes, chairs and some sofas up and down – and the countdown to the constitution of the parliamentary groups. Rull will open the round with the matches and then announce whether there is a candidate who wants to try and start the clock.

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