The author of the 2022 bestseller “Tear Maker” reveals her identity to CheTempoCheFa. Where will the readers meet?

The author of the 2022 bestseller “Tear Maker” reveals her identity to CheTempoCheFa.  Where will the readers meet?

Matilda, from Emilia, is a law graduate and, above all, a sales clerk with the pseudonym Irene Dome. Here she is in a light blue bodysuit opposite Fabio Fazio at CheTempoCheFa. The author of 700,000 copies on Tuesday, May 16, is expected to return to bookstores thanks to “In the way snowfall” and “Maker of tears”, the bestselling book of 2022. Now it’s up to “The Stigma”, perpetually published by Magazzini Salani, a story ( 528 pages) promises to be overwhelming, full of emotions, and even doom. All we know about her is that her name is Matilde, she’s about 30, lives in Emilia-Romagna, studied law and always had a passion for writing. Magazzini Salani discovered Erin Doom’s talent on Wattpad, the self-publishing platform where her stories have won the hearts of many readers. In that time, thanks to the push of TikTok, Erin Doom has become one of the most beloved phenomena by the new generations and beyond. Now wait for this reveal and the release of the new novel.

Which is

Long, blond brown hair and a sexy smile: Irene Domme, bestselling author of Tears Maker (Magazzini Salani), renamed Elena Ferrante from youth due to her mysterious identity, has finally revealed her face in front of Che tempo che fa. “I’ve always been a very introverted, very reserved person,” she told Fabio Fazio, confirming her name as Matilde while keeping her surname a secret. “When I started this journey, I chose a pseudonym and anonymity to live it the way that best suited my nature. It was a compromise, many times I felt I was missing out on something, like the possibility of meeting my fans.”

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Last year, she was at the Turin Book Fair as a spectator, following an event dedicated to her: “I wrote a letter on purpose, but the security people didn’t let me in, because it was completely full,” she said. The most popular author and bestseller in Italy in 2022, she sold 500,000 copies for Tear Maker and 200,000 for her second novel, In the way of the snowfall.

As for the chosen pseudonym, “Irene is a name of Irish origin that reminds us of the concepts of freedom, nature and open spaces. I liked Doom for its contradiction, because in English it means fate and condemnation, and everything according to how we live has a negative and positive meaning.

Even the parents, the writer admitted, admitting to having “tachycardia,” found out the truth too late: “I studied law and started writing at university. I taught during the day and took notes on my computer at night. Now at last my parents no longer have to keep The secret: only my family and close friends know about it, seven people in all.” Even on the set of the movie based on her first book, she “presented herself as an intern in the publishing house’s marketing office” and while signing copies, she remained “hidden in the cupboards.”

Interviews with readers

Now it returns to bookstores on May 16th with Stigma, the first chapter of a new saga starring Mireya and Andras, scheduled to be released by Magazzini Salani which will show it to the public, and finally meet the fans, on May 16th at 5.30pm at The Space Cinema Odeon in Milan , on the 17th in the Feltrinelli Appia in Rome, then on the 27th of May at 3 pm in the Mondadori Megastore in Marcianise, in the province of Caserta and on the 28th of May at 4 pm in the Biblioteca Ubik I Portali in Catania. “This story was born many years ago – expect it – and touches on very important values, love, friendship, and family bonds.” Finally, a message on camera to the readers: “I want to thank them for the appreciation they have given me over the years without ever seeing me, they trusted what I wrote, and I hope I can finally be able to thank them a lot.”

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