Lorenzo Amoruso and the memory of his son

Ex-football player Lorenzo Amoroso, companion of former Miss Italy Manila Nazzaro, one of the protagonists of this version of the Big Brother Vip, recalled through an Instagram post, the drama he experienced when Manila lost the child they were expecting.

Lorenzo Amoroso and Manila Nazzaro Among the most beautiful couples on Italian TV and also in these months away, for her participation in big brother vipThey prove that they are an inseparable couple. The two love each other very much and along with many beautiful moments, unfortunately they had to face less easy moments. Like last year, for example, when Manila unexpectedly lost a child The one she carried in her womb and the one she waited for Lorenzo. A drama that Soup told several times inside the house and that the comrade wanted to remember through a post on Instagram:

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This week last year we lost our baby and after the death of my beloved father this was the worst feeling of helplessness and emptiness that left an indelible scar on my soul but I know the pain encouraged us even more to face us. Our lives are more and more together, more and more united, more and more like family. I love you Manila Nazzaro.

Manila Drama

Manila Nazzaro cries for an abortion

Manila Nazarote He’s talked many times publicly about the drama he’s been in together Lorenzo Amoroso. A personal story to ease the pain but also to make the many women who have been forced to live through this tragedy feel less alone:

On November 17 (2020 version) for a check we found that The little boy’s heart I was expecting wasn’t beating, so it was initially assumed that it would take longer. Lorenzo immediately realized that there was nothing else to do while I didn’t want to be sure of it, I could still feel it inside, my body certainty. Then, another examination showed that the pregnancy was terminated at nine weeks.

Manila has repeatedly told her roommates at Cinecittà about this bad experience and there was no shortage of tears. Manila She lives with her partner Lorenzo Amoroso and the children of her ex-husband, Francesco Cusa, also a former football player like Amoroso.

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