PlayStation has published a very useful glossary of video game terms –

PlayStation has published a very useful glossary of video game terms –

Play Station Excellent posted glossary of terms who is a hundred Moslahat It is so widely used in the world of video games that it is likely to be a mystery to anyone who does not frequent this environment. In fact, it can be very useful for the players themselves who need to clarify their ideas.

PlayStation Glossary

PS5 is used to explain the concept of backward compatibility in the glossary

It is a very elegant work, with many cross references and very clear explanations. Some of the sounds are a bit old, but they are still part of the medium’s culture, so it’s good to see them carried over. It also offers a lot Clarify examples, associated with the playful PlayStation culture, which can always come in handy. For example, under “Backward Compatibility” it is stated that this is the console’s ability to run software written for an earlier console of the same family, such as the PS5 with PS4 games.

Unfortunately, the glossary is currently only available in English. It must be said that it is written in an accessible language, so anyone who studied English at school should be able to read it. However, we hope to have it also in Italian, so that it becomes a heritage for all our local players.

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