Video analysis reveals the performance of classic games for PSX and PS2 –

Video analysis reveals the performance of classic games for PSX and PS2 –

The YouTube channel ElAnalistaDeBits published a file Video Analysis For some classic games from the new subscription catalog PlayStation PlusOverall, disappointing performance, even on a console as powerful as the PS5. Let’s talk about some games from past generations PSX and PS2and thus could be easily managed in theory by emulation from hardware of the latest Sony consoles.

However, the theory contradicts the practice. PSX games run at a native resolution of 1440p even on the PS5, but the performance leaves a lot to be desired, with very noticeable drops in frame rate in some games and certainly not optimal fluidity. For example, some titles are shown running at a whopping 20fps, while others have a shaky frame rate. PS2 games have a resolution of 720p across all platforms, but generally they perform better than PSX games.

Confirm the fact that some games are in the PAL version and there is only one game at the moment PSP Available (Echochrome), which works at 1080p. Also note that PSX and PSP games have distinct versions of PS4 and PS5, while PS2 games only have one version: the PS4 version. Of course they also run on PS5, but in backwards compatibility.

Many indicate that some Free Emulators For PCs, they’ve been able to do an incredibly better job even on lower configurations than not only the PS5, but also the PS4, pushing games into higher resolutions than 4K and applying filters that make them even more beautiful to look at.

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