January 26, 2023

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The royal family, new revelations about Prince Harry’s frozen penis

Prince Harry (photo newsby, newsby)

Prince Harry unexpectedly reveals his diary: His words have moved lives and stunned millions of people around the world.

Harry and Meghan Markle – as they are now known – live their lives away from London: the two have in fact declared their fateful yes, and after some time, They choose to move to America to live a life free and independent of royal protocols. The couple also featured it in their Netflix documentary which is currently streaming on the popular streaming platform.

Prince Harry (photo newsby, newsby)

Meanwhile, there is great anticipation for the biography of Prince Harry who wanted to Tell some episodes without filters of his life in court.

Is your penis frozen?

The scathing anecdote is revealed in his diary shoot, which will be released worldwide in the next few days. The tabloids who got to preview those pages revealed that there would be some unexpected revelations, and not just about Prince Harry’s private life. but also on his privacy. In fact, it was often talked about how his mother Diana did not want her children to be circumcised, even if they were in fact Few people know that.

The confession was made when Harry suddenly spoke about the time before his brother William’s wedding to the beautiful Kate Middleton. I have already participated in Charity trip to the North Pole He has walked 200 miles of this wonderful Arctic region with some comrades he met during his military service in Afghanistan. on that occasion, Her genitals definitely suffered Because of the severe frost in that place. So Harry’s ears, cheeks, and penis froze, and between these lines, It is revealed that he is circumcised.

Prince Harry (web photo, news)
Prince Harry (web photo, news)

Then Prince Harry explained that – contrary to what was said many years ago about Lady Diana’s decision not to circumcise her two sons – He and William had already been circumcised since they were children. So his intimate organ thawed when he returned to England and was able to encounter a climate quite different from the ice of the Arctic.

Harry continues to talk about William’s baldness

This wasn’t the only curious revelation Harry made in his book, however The prince also spoke of being his brother The aging process has begun. The episode took place after their grandfather Filippo’s funeral, when they all got together to talk about Harry and Meghan’s decision to leave America and Meghan. form an independent life away from the real protocols.

At that moment Harry looked at his brother and caught all the details, and then he figured it out William was bald And that he was already more advanced than he was. Since then the two brothers have become increasingly estranged, with sudden distance complicity.

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