Emergency surgery. What happened

Emergency surgery.  What happened

Ludovica Valley He found popularity after participating in the program men and women like tronistaIt is a path that did not lead her to find her soul mate. However, Ludovica later found happiness with her current partner Gianmaria Di GregorioShe also became a mother to two wonderful children: Anastasia And Otto Edward. Valli is widely followed on social media where she shares pictures and thoughts about her life every day. Recently, loHowever, Dovika worried fans Regarding his health by acknowledging that he was resurrected Medical Examination “Things didn’t go well. The influencer has now wanted to clarify the whole situation to reassure fans and raise their awareness about protection. Let’s see what he wrote.

Ludovica Valle underwent emergency surgery: “Prevention is really important

Prevention is really important“, these are the words that Ludovica Valley He wanted to confirm in a long post on Instagram After that it was Emergency surgery For a problem he “overlooked” in a sense.

The visit that did not go well… Today they removed the mole (I think it should be removed as soon as possible). I postponed that visit for about a year. Partly out of fear, partly out of “lack of time”, each time I had a different excuse. This is to tell you to love yourself a lot and control yourself. Examine yourself as soon as you feel/see in yourself, in your body, within your body… something that you think is not right at all. Or even routinely (as I always did, but when I became a mother I lost sight of myself a little, it can happen), I don’t blame myself, it’s life. priority. Many factors combined“, he wrote Ludovica.

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Ludovica Valli, operation to remove a suspicious mole

Then the influencer continued Heart-to-heart talk writing: “Prevention is really important. And again, today, I want to remind you. In my little country. I will not deny to you that I am worried. I don’t deny that I’m very afraid, but I’m confident. think positively. The only thing I can do now. It’s difficult, but we’re trying. I have my kids and family who help me do this every day. Now I’m just waiting for the histology, it’s going to be intense days (like my anxiety). I am holding you tightly, I wanted to share with you, now I felt the need.”.

On Instagram Stories, Ludovica also showed off her story Picture with bandages covering the mole Removed through emergency operation. Now the influencer must wait Result of histological examination While we hope things go well, we wish you good luck.

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