Rehabilitation of Professor de Dono through an American scientific study, denied by both AIFA and ISS

Rehabilitation of Professor de Dono through an American scientific study, denied by both AIFA and ISS

Dr. Giuseppe de Dono He was right. The former chief of pulmonology at Carlo Puma Hospital in Mantua, who was on the front line in the fight against Covid-19, was the first to understand the potential of a treatment autoimmune plasma. And his research had made it possible to treat patients infected with the Corona virus through blood transfusions from those recovering from the diseaseinfection.

De Dono was attacked by the media, as he was considered an ambiguous figure and marginalized due to his scientific research. The results of hyperimmune plasma were received with skepticism and considered unreliable by the scientific community. One study called tsunamiThe study, conducted by the Italian Higher Institute of Health and the Italian Medicines Agency Aifa, has effectively rejected plasma research, not shedding light on Covid-19 patients. “Benefit in terms of reducing the risk of respiratory deterioration or death in the first 30 days.” De Dono himself in his speech at the Senate hearing denounced the guilty silence of the media and politics, pointing the accusing finger at TV virologists.

Shocked by the arrows of the Italian Academy and the prevailing information, De Donno will take his life in the summer of 2021. It is a pity that he could not see the study that denies Italian research institutions and that rehabilitates the work of former chief medical officer Carlo Puma in Mantua. The famous magazine The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) With a documented article now confirming the effectiveness of the hyperimmune plasma developed by De Donno.

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study John Hopkins University This confirms De Donno’s research

The research, led by epidemiologist David J. Sullivan from d John Hopkins University, performed on 1,881 patients who received a blood transfusion within the first 6 days of onset of COVID-19 symptoms. The efficacy of hyperimmune plasma was demonstrated by comparing two groups, the first treated with hyperimmune plasma and the second used as a control group, and exposed to simple operation-free plasma. immunization.

Dr. Sullivan demonstrated a reduction in relative risk near 54% and increased efficacy when administered even earlier. Therefore, the research confirmed in its conclusions that “The use of convalescent plasma within 9 days of onset of symptoms reduced the risk of disease progression leading to hospitalization. Comparing the treatment developed by De Donno with a monoclonal antibody, Sullivan’s research showed that the latter has strong drawbacks compared to hyperimmune plasma in that it “Expensive, takes time to be approved and may not be widely available during Covid-19 outbreaks.”.

to publish John Hopkins University Fully confirms the scientific conclusions of the professor. de Don He completely rehabilitates the office of the professor, who was stunned in his life by the bitter propaganda of his bravery as a “country doctor”, as he loved to make himself proud, and is now only partly rewarded with his efforts and sacrifices.
“We encourage science,” he said. Science has promoted him today.

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